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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which female Vampire Diaries character are you?Piscean_Wisdom27869304952.771/15/05
Which vampire from the Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice are you?TheVampireLestat137051140038.4710/20/04
What crazy ass poet are you? (pics)kenram666671138146.2310/31/04
What Harry Potter Character Are You?lily06236335378605.812/27/04
What Lord of the Rings race are you?Ben473664726.4312/3/04
Which Marauder are you destined for? and why?Deamon457882547.146/21/04
What Middle-earth Race are You?RhiannaTinuviel403050877.211/11/05
What nonfiction book should you read?Lindstar385849158.339/29/04
which anime charecter are you. . .kenechi3548114345.893/4/04
Do you know where your towel is? (Which Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy character are you?)goodbye_stranger324338128.81/12/05
Which Interview with a Vampire character are u?mwgirl18324188026.577/1/04
what literary genre art thou?sweetcatastrophe263162653.835/29/04
How well do you really know the book, The Queen of the Damned?TheVampireLestat13220431388.210/21/04
Whitch stephen king character are you?pretty_poison219960266.956/18/04
Which Wheel of Time Character Are You?Phobia216132605.139/5/04
Which anime character are you?flamingtiger0306213454915.637/31/04
What Lord of the Rings character are you?assana_almira191244407.0712/30/04
what THOROUGHBRED book character are you?ERTrinity173521887.512/28/04
Which George R.R. Martin character are you?aherne145823096.66/10/04
Lives of the Daughter of FlameLadyCassandra140627597.966/8/04
What Hogwarts House would you be in?DUck125964294.477/21/04
What Harry Potter House Are You In?polarbear_3111991935.158/28/04
What Laurell K. Hamilton character are you?DeRogueRaven11181482812/22/04
which jhonen vasquez character are you?~*shmee*~102321847.258/24/04
Which Cirque Du Freak Character Are You?DarkAngel8882114997.3811/6/04
Which Sword Of Truth Character Are You?flirty_babe_80495351/19/05
Which Shakespeare play are you?half_demon_inu66361525.1510/19/04
What Stravaganza, City of Masks CharacterLycon650916912/22/04
Which famous piece of literature are you?Emo_Death_Wish61492493.163/14/04
Which Hobbit are you?The Most Sacred O61174625.5112/23/03
Which Harry Potter Character Are You?Tessa59258454.891/17/04
Which X-Men Character are you most like?ARowdyOne59212785.832/21/05
Know your words?potato1man155316037.699/6/04
Which person in DNAngel are you?black_clouds54225727.236/17/04
Which Fantasy Creature are you?Graest53427725.709/11/04
Could you last in a scary movie??scoobygirl51873714.978/29/04
What Hogwarts Past Character are you?Lupin_sensei51541507.6310/17/04
Which Tale Does Your Heart Belong To?albinoblacksheep49836007.038/11/04
Which guy should you be with?derek_jessica492136551/5/05
which johnny the homicidal maniac are you?~*shmee*~47824805.968/24/04
My Literary Works Quizpunkin_instigator47511965.338/1/04
Which Daughters of the Moon Character are you? Descriptive.moongoddess514578797.371/13/05
Which Myth Adventures character are you?Lethal Lycan45511375.427/21/04
Which Of My Books Should You Buy?BabyBear19524538815.49/12/04
Which 8-Bit theater character are you?PhilRulez45211218.5811/5/04
Who are you?julian44028326.744/14/04
what word ar u called behide ur back!??starsofdarkness98943628262.821/5/05
What character from my book are you?Premonitions4life4336988.6611/20/04
Which Middle Earthian race should you belong to?Mormaethor4169546.51/1/05
How well do you know The Series Of Unfortunate Events?sexy_chic10141010056.901/5/05
Wut daughters of the moon character r u?Samejia_Mamimi4087086.281/5/05
Which S-S character are youLittleDragon3957218.41/14/05
Are you truly a book freak?Lady_Lancelot39242562.347/15/04
Which character from The Sun and The Moon are you?kissmysock3917684.166/24/04
What "Dreamcatcher" character are you?mainelander_133898554.429/14/04
Harry PotterLyssa198938822034.185/8/04
The Seven Songs Of MerlinWolf_ofthe_Shadows38610404.129/28/04
which phsycadellic penguin are you?bagelboy1338218484.323/26/04
Which character are you from the Southern Vampire Series?BikerChick8538124245.521/25/04
would i ever consider going out with you?PhilRulez37510366.6311/20/04
Which Before the Veil character Are You?geekinthepink375534712/20/04
What kind of Fairy are you?shortys_sis37318558.812/6/05
Which Harry Potter creature are you?bllatrx36715105.358/13/04
Which Anime Guy from my story r u?Shinigami_Lucifer3666855.8511/28/04
Which of my books do you belong in?~Smart_One~364647412/2/04
What marvel comic book are you?lithokid99935620505.368/20/04
Which of my book characters are you?pEnGuInS_kIlL356618011/25/04
What Harry Potter Character are you?Broke*N*Side353859711/21/04
Which of my personalitys are youKensa3457893.28/30/04
How well do you know the SWORD OF TRUTH novels?Wolf_ofthe_Shadows3397907.589/9/04
Which one of my friends are you?PhilRulez3396517.3611/29/04
How would you die in a Stephen King story?iamthekiller33818396.1610/28/04
What character from Monkey Island are you?Blade_Baby338445102/15/05
Which one of my homeboys are you?lordofdarkness332529510/30/04
Do you like Harry Potter?Tomboy60063328526.6211/20/04
What Hogwarts House are YOU in?PepsiGirl38332117761/6/05
which dragon knights character are you?godoflight3316106.911/25/04
What AJ are you?Seahorse693275412.47/20/04
Are you an asshole?PhilRulez32719187.7311/8/04
how well do you know Calvin&Hobbes?epjp3277226.812/29/04
Can You Write?Tomboy600632426875.4110/31/04
How would you die in my story?pEnGuInS_kIlL3228506.7511/26/04
Which of the main characters from my story are you?DarkLady31914055.3812/26/03
Harry Poter and the prisoner of Askaban Quizedaddysgirl8198931915623.421/14/05
whitch Daughters of the Moon character are you?WitchyTianna3155778.281/6/05
which band are you?PhilRulez31310134.312/3/04
How east (savage beast) are u?broham707313445none12/5/04
ALL BI/LEZ TAKE THISjessyOcelot31211923.8510/28/04
What House of the Night Court Are You?Kiara30837792/22/05
What character from my fantasy novel are you?_Pufferfish_3024497.52/13/05
Which character of my book are you?Naima301562310/4/04
Witch character are you from my bookTriple_S_Samaria300532712/31/04
Which Silverthorn character are you?irish_keda3003866.661/19/05
Which Harry Potter character are you most like?darkgirls820042877702.8312/24/04
Which Emily the Strange chareter you are?Sky_angel28415705.138/12/04
THE CODE WOORLDbllatrx128352338/29/04
What HP character in my Rp are you?phoenix_fire2796207.6212/11/04
stephen kings IT, who are you?stephenking_apprentice276333none3/13/05
What is a Juggalo?PhilRulez2686646.8712/8/04
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