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» Quiz: Harry Potter
Harry Potter
created by Lyssa1989

Do you know as much about Harry Potter as I do?

1.) What is Harry's full name?
Harry John Potter
Harry James Potter
Harry Steven Potter
Harry Arturo Potter

2.) What does Harry have in common with Voldemort?
They're both half-bloods
Both were orphaned as babies
Both have the same pheonix feather in thier wands
All of these

3.) What about
The other four books start in the Dursley's home, but the fourth one doesn't
The other books had male Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, but this year was the first female professor
The Dursleys finally decide to accept Harry for what he is
Harry goes out with Hermione

4.) Which of the following characters are squibs?
Madame Pince and Mrs Figg
Neville Longbottom and Argus Filch
Argus Filch and Mrs Figg
Neville Longbottom and Bellatrix Lestrange

5.) What is Hagrid's mother's name?

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