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» Quiz: Do you like Harry Potter?
Do you like Harry Potter?
created by Tomboy6006

Do you like Harry Potter I do, DO YOU?

1.) What comes to mind when you think, cat?
The cute cat across the street.
Ummmmmmmmmmm.........Ms. Norris, or is it Mr. Norris, rats I can't remember.
That is easy when hermine turns into a cat, Ms. Norris, and Prf. Mogonigall.
I think one of the teachers, wait Mogonitall, moginitalle, No Mogonical

2.) What are the 4 house animals?
A snake, lion, badger ,and a bird!
Why would I care, harry potter is stupid!
A rattle snake, lioness, but I can't remember the rest.

3.) Who teachs Potions?
What is Potions?
I think Snape or is that Lupin
Shellbert..............ha ha
Easy Snape of course who do you think it is Lupin.

4.) What shape is Harry Potter's scar?
oh oh i know a streight line!
A lighting bolt duh.
A thubder cloud!
A wavy line...................ha ha

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