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» Quiz: Which Interview with a Vampire character are u?
Which Interview with a Vampire character are u?
created by mwgirl18

Based on the book by Anne Rice.With a little more insight

1.) How would you describe yourself?
Strong willed, never follow rules, an ass most of the time
Sympathic, friendly, loyal
Pure evil, woman stuck in a child's body, wanting to know knowledge
Mysterious, handsome, runs a theatre, used to be a leader of a coven
Human, curious, stupid

2.) How would you kill?
only criminals
not people unless you really had to, you'd rather kill a poodle
boys and women on stage
No one, I'm human

3.) Would you rather ..... ?
awaken the the mother of vampires and become her lover
stand by and watch your maker get killed by a woman stuck in a child's body
kill your maker or at least try to
run a coven and convince yourself that you are the devil's henchman
hunt down vampires and try to get their story

4.) What do you want to be?
a rock star with a biography
a woman
a theatre manager and actor
a curious human who gets in to way over your head

5.) Who would you rather love?
The mother of all vampires who wants to kill 99 in 100 men to bring world peace
Your maker or a vampire in Paris
your sort of adopted fathers
a vampire in Paris who spends a decade chasing you around the world

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