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» Quiz: Are you an asshole?
Are you an asshole?
created by PhilRulez

be honest; and discover your inner asshole

1.) Have you ever made plans with someone, or a promise, and then forgot about it soon after and blew off someone?
YES. all the time
only once or twice, when something really important came up

2.) have you, or would you ever cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend just because they're not physically attractive enough?
that's wrong
it wouldn't be the ONLY reason... but yeah
of course

3.) do you talk about your friends behind their back?
nope. true loyalty is a basis in a friendship
all the time; it's FUN!
only if it's really something important

4.) i just quit drinking. what do you think?
you're a PUSSY!
good for you! drinking is bad
you sure? think of all the fun you're missing out on

5.) Did you remember my birthday, even after numerous reminders?
yeah, and i got you something, too!
yes... but i still haven't given you anything... despite saying i WOULD

6.) do you ever make up excuses for any reason, instead of being honest with someone?
yeah, i hate telling people the truth.
i believe in brutal honesty
... occasionally, but i'll eventually confront the issue

7.) your friend is failing class because he prefers to get drunk instead of attending class. He asks you for all the notes and test answers. what do you do?
help him out a bit, even if he doesn't deserve it
hell yeah, i'd give him all he needed! just because he's a screw up doesn't mean he should fail school!
tell him to quit being a fucktard, that failing will teach him a lesson

8.) a teacher you don't like just failed you. you KNOW you don't deserve to pass, but you could fight it and get the teacher fired. what do you do?
take it like a man and accept my failure
fight it, fire that asshole!
try reasoning with the teacher, convince him/her to pass me, even though i don't deserve to

9.) what's most important to you?
living a good life with friends and family
getting DRUNK and having SEX all the time! screw doing anything useful, i'm a teenager and i can DO WHAT I WANT!
being rich

10.) how do you THINK you did on this quiz?
i feel good about myself, i know i'm a good person
i guess i did ok
i'm an ass

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