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» Quiz: which johnny the homicidal maniac are you?
which johnny the homicidal maniac are you?
created by ~*shmee*~

take this quiz!

1.) what is your favorite hobby?
killing people
making fun of nerds and beating people up.
annoying people until they want to shoot themselves.
helping people, giving advice, and making sure your friends don't kill themselves.
you have no hobbies... you wish to find people as smart as you.
you are too scared to do anything... you and your demented teddy bear hide under your blankets.
fuck off

2.) if someone made fun of you, what would you do about it?
i would kidnap the person and torture them!! ha hah ha heh he heh...heh...what? you don't thnk that's funny?
i would annoy them until they shoot me in the head!! woooo!! clutch my testes bloody squirrel humpers!!!!!
i would beat the shit out of em.
i would confuse them with my mighty intellect!
i would ignore it. i'd rather be safe then sorry.
i'd hide under my blanky! waaaaaaahhh!!
i screwed up... don't click here dipshit! it will screw up the results!

3.) what's your favorite color?
black...yea..black...i think...
moo! moo! mooo!! i am voodoo cursing you!
nooo! colors scare me!
i can't see.... i'm blind becuz i was nailed to a wall.... i died and now i'm part of some ones imagination...
why does color matter? i am far too smart to care about colors.
fuck off nerd

4.) how do you feel about sleep?
i sleep... i AM human.. who doesn't sleep?
i have better things to do.
fuck yooz mr. platypus! where's your head, mommy? must jelly after toasting! boop boop be doop!
i'm already dead....i only talk to johnny.
whoa is me... why must i be so smart?

5.) what's your favorite food?
mmm... skettios!
yum air!
ahh! food! scary! waaahh!
i ate once... then i got nailed to the wall....
uh....where's my snocone?
why me!!?

6.) what is your biggest fear?
for the thing in my wall to come out and eat me... or for those stupid doughboys to trick me into killing myself.
wheeeeeeee! abcdefghijkl.........
aliens! and... dust! and those bags that people carry around in the mall! what's in those bags!!? aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
i'm already nailed to a wall.
i have no fears!! pfft....
to never find some one with as much intelligence as me.

7.) quiz is finished! did you like it?
no! go away! now you're on my hit list!!
grr... buzzz.....cheese! meow meow! cat chow!!!
no! it was scary!
sure... i wonder if i'm still insane......
it was ok... but you lack many skills...

8.) ok...... bye.
i'm scared!
bye bye.
later biotch!
goodbye you unintelligent thing, you!

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