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» Quiz: Harry Poter and the prisoner of Askaban Quize
Harry Poter and the prisoner of Askaban Quize
created by daddysgirl81989

The 3rd harry potter movie. take the quize and see who you are

1.) Your wonder through the halls when your best friends brothers stop you and give you a map that held dark secrets what would u do
use the mape to sneak around at night
use it to get books for a little light reading
to hidee from spiters
use it to spy on the class mates
to spy on students and try to help them
to keep away from the demantors
same as above
to get harry in trouble
to find Black
return it like a good little boy/girl

2.) if you are standing in front of a wharewolf with a bunch of people what would u do
be scaired
try to talk to him
sit and scream b/c you cant run b/c your leg is broken
try to protect your students
im the wharewolf, why would i care
turn my self into a rat and take off
try to save my god son
run duh! forget everyone else
get black

3.) and finally.... if you could go back in time to do anything you want what would u do
help others
help others and get in some extra classes
go back in time! i barely got through it the first time i been their
more homework
never get cought by black and lupin
never have goten sent to askaban
never let hermioney punch me
never have letten Black excape from askaban

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