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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What vegetable were you in your past life?ChickenSandwich2640107.571/9/05
What sex dessert are you? *PICS*SexyBitch6926398386.851/12/05
Which type of pie are you?vivifromff92359056.095/27/04
What kind of Cola are you? (pics included)shortys_sis207856.43/1/05
What dessert are youdisneylandpirate14603746.546/11/04
What kind of sweetener are you?Sugar Free1321645.531/25/04
Did you eat my cookie?Ferret1033916.121/31/04
What candy are you?i fuck alf9120515.526/2/04
What kind of drink are u? (pics)never_knowing9685733.4310/6/04
wot kind of alcoholic drink are you?lucretta9130465.0411/17/04
The Muffin QuizLilCoin911404.4612/29/04
what flavor of ice cream are udeath16161689055.3311/29/04
Are You A Grape?l0a0r0u0k0u8480102/22/05
What Type of food are you?SubCrazy8353none3/13/05
WHAT KIND OF COOKIE ARE YOU?whatShouldUsBe770853.902/16/04
ARE YOU WEIRD? ................................karocornsyrup771086.076/21/04
What Flavor of Bubble Gum Are You?kuccitootsi1764525.017/31/04
What Flavor Ice Cream are you?!!Pink_Panther775825.299/16/04
Are you a burgerclerdy77374.6612/12/04
Is ur liver made of jello??imconfused?78646.7512/13/04
Which Flavor of ICE CREAM are You?aliceeinwonderland749746.321/8/05
What breakfast food are you?Vampire_Baby79407.621/22/05
What mochi flavor are you?kdla1991756082/3/05
What Flavor Of Icecream Are You?thecowwentmoo7409none2/23/05
Which fruit r ureal_azn656995.135/26/04
Which beverage are you?Scheherazade6221876.267/11/04
are you a polar bear?lumpy_potato613574.937/26/04
What food are you?DarkFallenAngel617344.38/4/04
What candy are you?corwyn660663.618/26/04
How Fat Are You!?!?The-Apocalypse6158894.2210/29/04
will i fuck u (guys only)darkone623183.1811/21/04
wat flavour ice cream r ufaded2black6791612/30/04
Which Skittle Flavor are you?XoCrazyCutieXo657206.951/2/05
What flavor smoothie are you?BillabongBabe55675841/26/05
What kind of candy are you?DarknessOfMySoul6562none2/13/05
Waht chocolate r u?miniangel6964374.53/3/05
What kind of bagel are you?katrina11_11529065.3312/13/03
What beverage are you?twelvecodespent536006.24/29/04
The Food you are most likeThe Quizzard534004.515/28/04
what soda r u?corwyn529704.388/26/04
What type of Ice Cream are you???Pinkwolf51605411/17/04
Are You Constipated?moongoddess5153861712/17/04
What Kind of Pop are you?Nut-N-Honey57195.3312/31/04
what kind a chocolate bar r u?dirty_devil568301/22/05
what would you do for a klondike bar?heavymetalitaliana576201/25/05
what kind of faygo are you?jugglaskeet5549none1/26/05
What Girl Scout Cookie are you?Emilord517652.51/26/05
POP TARTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blckdrgn0157916.372/2/05
What Kind of Sandwich are You?snowflake1959657.52/5/05
Which Fast Food Joint Are You?Little_Fairy_Girl510531.662/21/05
What Kind of Cookie are You?me6089059617.712/27/05
WhAt dRiNk aRe yOu?LIKEaROCKooo3356097.333/4/05
What flavor of RAMEN NOODLES are YOU??? (with pictures, mmmmm....)KANGAROO5524103/13/05
Wat type of chicken r ureal_azn419031.756/11/04
what kind of bread are youchellebelle413042.236/17/04
What flavor are you?FireKitten1260430781.167/7/04
Which soda are you?Lady_Lancelot461305.587/15/04
What flavor ice cream are you?DarkWolf412153.29/14/04
What type of soda are you?Usanavy03412176.69/29/04
What Flavor smoothie are you?taysami484675.4510/3/04
Which Chocolate Bar are you?????Pinkwolf437276.0410/29/04
What kind of chocolate are you?Klavier425856.2611/5/04
Which type of food should you be?Jasmro199548764.6611/18/04
What type of Chocolate are u???NuttyXNick410792.3312/4/04
What candy are you?Zippydani418684.881/5/05
WhAt iS yOuR fAvOrItE sOdA?!x.hyper.x48794.81/6/05
what kind of pie are you?laokha46682.161/9/05
What flavour milkshake are you?Vampire_Baby416306.251/18/05
What cupcake are you?xlilxcupcakex410505.51/22/05
What kinda coOkie r u?Jerzey_Gurl_69474071/27/05
What flavor Skittle are you?XxpanckesxX46673.572/19/05
What food are you?galiandgabby47516.52/20/05
whats your favortie firutladyscoobydoo890442652/21/05
what kind of cheese are you?666gnome6664397none3/4/05
What type of soda are you?hi 2384350183.153/20/04
What do you love to eat?Crowsblacktear326563.055/8/04
What drink are you?FireKitten1260360096.117/7/04
What type of food are you?Funny_Bunny315205.578/26/04
What Cake are you???Pinkwolf326556.2610/9/04
What pumpkin r u?ILOVEHORSES37514.210/30/04
what kind of instant soup are you???whitenoise3837512/3/04
What type of pop tart are you?magash=hot3147261/12/05
what mcdonalds food are you?buckrules316711.661/17/05
what soft drink are you?buckrules376041/18/05
What kind of Whiskey man are you?thesingleshot39228.751/22/05
What kind of cheese are you?pureblonde22353952/12/05
if you were a drink, what would it be?hold.on.tyt..dnt.let.go3771102/18/05
Do you like POP TARTS?death_to_druggies3394102/27/05
What on-the-go breakfast food are you?Mara~213033.668/6/04
what kind of mcdonalds food r u?corwyn271832.58/25/04
What type of food are youSexyAmanda210121.078/29/04
Do you eat as much as Paige???psychojuggalette261151/23/05
Umm yummy cerialsteamingdivit152352/6/05
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