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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
WHAT RELIGION BESTS SUITS YOU?Adversarian619082941235.786/19/04
What occult religion do you believe in?Rushyo9286110653.6812/3/04
Which Vampire Clan Do You Belng To?malkavian8666417066.817/21/04
Which Tarot Arcana are You? (women)Mistress_Carole7723227837.195/20/04
How Racist are youkerrykinz887605152192.8111/18/04
Neo-Pagan Type Identifier - Reduxsvartulfr6628105966.879/11/04
Which form of Satanism suits you?counterfeit_reality6553132416.968/29/04
What Pantheon Best Suits You?MommyTyrant569281745.708/25/04
Which Ascended Master do you work with?Ravenn4191557479/30/04
Have You Or Will You Be Possessed?Xelibri3850160916.074/9/04
How goth are you?lil_goth_witch2962101405.9510/18/04
What color witch are you?Lorelei38289558337.1411/6/04
Are you going to Heaven or Hell?i fuck alf2683127756.046/5/04
Which Chaos God should you align with?Dark Angel229367037.247/27/04
Who would you be in the War of Armageddon?electrofreak2006226892177.9711/1/04
Are You Fit For Satan?AntichristGhoul6661998155086.998/4/04
Can You Fit In My Standards of Worshipping Lucifer?Christ_Decay17922255612/22/04
Are You Straight Edge?souls of the forggoten1708140664.805/21/04
What Religion Should You Follow?psychoEd13513025112/25/04
A GOOD RELIGION QUIZsunhitstheskye105826783.7911/28/04
Which Element do you align with?Azure960192747.3512/30/03
7 Deadly Sins!Xelibri937177105.914/20/04
Should you be a VAMPIRE?souls of the forggoten905569166.935/8/04
Which Ellaran Element are you?LadyCassandra86856498.206/7/04
Neo-Pagan Type Identifiersvartulfr85340547.289/9/04
What Is Your Vampiric Beast?malkavian74194494.267/22/04
Pagan Jewellery Quizlady_occult64233646.558/18/04
Which Poetic Book of the Bible are You?sundancer61719454.946/29/04
Your Souls Inner Kindred Vampiress (Girls Only) W/PicsFangedWarrioress58430446.2112/22/04
A strange ass quizSejiph56219192.1811/22/04
Which Occult Religion are you?DaemonChic666547671103/14/05
Where Do You Fit in My Cult?Xorya53413607.6212/3/04
True calling accoding to SUGARSugar Free5283924311/23/03
What are You in the Religious World?Tabryd513122484.645/5/04
Are you Buddhist?kcpaige50518855.518/20/04
Are you Satans Angel?Angel-Of-the-Death49412221.661/11/05
What type of Catholic are you?Keura48536435.375/22/04
are you a satanist?wiccagirl198947813394.1412/10/04
Which doomsday cult do you belong in?beckisosmrt43437557.066/28/04
Are you Nuts about Halloween, or just Nuts?JackSkellington4219106.8811/18/04
What Religion suits you?dark_vampire41220215.3610/31/04
In my eyes what would you see through my visions?WhiteWizard39132946.84/3/04
Do you believe in, or are you more of a devil or a godslipknot chicky38512043.410/23/04
Where am I going when I die?hoodwinkfanbase38517995.7412/30/04
Do You Know Your Shinto Myth?NihonNight36012116.849/22/04
DO YOU BELONG IN SCARYLAND??silent-ancient35616555.9412/3/04
The Halloween Quiz!!!!!Lorelei3835213377.4510/30/04
What is your Halloween Personality?JackSkellington34817627.7011/21/04
Whats your real religionx19dleiafteh90x34431052.7611/18/04
Are you psychic?Morbid_Mistress34110073.182/10/05
Your Vampire BoyFriend (PIX)idontknow33416905.662/5/05
Do you belong in a cultBlaBla133133023402.147/1/04
are you a witch or a bitchinyourdreams1532918872.0510/30/04
What is your religion?LuciferCyprian316435103/12/05
What do u know about angels in the bible?Sky_angel31413794.868/9/04
IS JESUS COMING TO KILL YOU?!?!pulseofthemaggots31310937.661/21/05
What religious Item are you?XxMusicSavesXx31213822.8810/3/04
Are all the sweet saints in heaven secretly wishing for your ultimate demise?Clover308660none1/22/05
are u a witch?shadowcaster307109061/11/05
Heaven or Not...rocco3075436.23/6/05
what animal spirit do you have?white wolf30633103.2310/13/04
Test ur Vampire IQidontknow30615437.322/5/05
How well do you know the bible?Luna_Rizing3035718.52/23/05
ARE U MORMAN>?jcslingerland29520181.747/15/04
What Knife Are you?AthiestAnarchist29110275.661/30/05
Are you suited to be a jusinite?Gallow2905627.1411/18/04
are u a satanist? or a christianmikegatto2867672.1612/5/04
Can you be one of my minions?Demonboy28664481/21/05
R u a true witch?GothicVampire2928010446.222/5/05
Are u a satainist or a christainthe_devils_luvr27813391.6610/8/04
Which pagan holiday are you?Samhain2776548.422/3/05
Which Element are you?idontknow2737755.62/5/05
Are You Antichrist?LuciferCyprian273417103/13/05
Are you REALLY a christian?Surfbabe4life442727584.221/30/05
What would you do, if you saw Jesus Christ ?THE!_Son_of_Darkness2686260.622/16/05
are u a good christiandbswilfred26721760.638/29/04
Who are you? (WITH KOOL PIX!!!)cglass777267157562/12/05
are u a satanic person??StitcheS2658327.4212/10/04
what type of vampire are you?succubi4444263570none3/4/05
How are you accquainted with Satan?SatanIsMyUnholyHusband6662624417.253/6/05
Are You A True SatanistMorning Star2624417.163/8/05
are you anti-christ?anarchy4ever2598414.52/14/05
what religion would suit you best?xxnymphetaminexx666251356none3/13/05
How well do you know Marilyn Manson?freaks_stand_alone1324926525.1810/13/04
Are you religious?BlackRose32Xx24041642/25/05
Do you really know Marilyn Manson??DeadxInside2407259.091/4/05
Are you Jewish?incognegro2396800.872/3/05
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