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» Quiz: Which Shakespeare play are you?
Which Shakespeare play are you?
created by half_demon_inu

1.) What is your favorite color (the most repeatative question in the english language!)
Silver, like the twinkle in your lover's eye
Black, the color of betrayal
Red, for the color of passion and blood
Blue, for the color of honesty and trust
None of the Above

2.) What do you do in your free time?
Think of my lover
Try and convince your best friend that his/her lover is cheating on him/her
Make fun of the opposite sex
Think of all the things that you have done wrong in your life
None of the Above

3.) What kind of people do you hang around most of the time?
My friends
Fellow soldiers (Or in present times, friends)
None of the Above

4.) Choose a weapon
Dagger or Sword
Your mind, knowledge, and intuition

5.) What did you think of this quiz?
Could have been better
Loved it!
No Comment
Hated it!!!
None of the Above

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