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» Quiz: How well do you really know the book, The Queen of the Damned?
How well do you really know the book, The Queen of the Damned?
created by TheVampireLestat13

Most people have seen the movie. But the movie doesn't give the facts. It was an author's worst nightmare as far as adaptations go..so do you know the book?

1.) First of all, whom are Those Who Must Be Kept and who keeps them?
After the elder, Marius de Romanus kept Those Who Must Be Kept, who are Queen Akasha and King Enkil
Queen Akasha and King Enkil are Those Who Must Be Kept, and are kept secret by an Egyptian elder.
Those Who Must Be Kept?
What the hell are you talking about?

2.) How were Akasha and Enkil created?
Akasha & Enkil were superstitious, and they were attacked by thugs and stabbed, and an evil spirit entered their bodies, making them blood drinkers.
Akasha and Enkil were created by an Evil Spirit that possessed them and made them vampires
Queen Akasha and Enkil were not created. They just were. They are so old, no one knows of their origin.
God made them.

3.) Where was Maharet and her twin from and why were they brought to Akasha and Enkil?
Akasha was superstitious, and heard that they spoke to spirits and had them brought before her from her homeland to answer her questions.
Akasha envied the beautiful twins, and had heard of them from afar, and wanted to know what they were about.
Maharet stole something of Akasha's and enangered her.
Akasha was curious

4.) What was the name of Maharet's twin sister?
Maharet's twin sister's name was Mekare.
Maharet had a twin, but she wasn't given a name.
Duuudde? Chick had a twin?
twins? what?

5.) As punishment for their impertinence, what did Akasha have done to the red haired twins, and who was her henchman?
Khayman was actually a loyal servant to Enkil, and was commanded to rape them, then she later took out Maharet's eyes, and cut out Mekare's tongue.
Akasha had Maharet's tongue taken out, and Mekare's eyes taken out, and the henchman was unnamed.
She made Maharet hate her, I know that much.
took her teddy bear?

6.) From whom does Lestat learn the secrets of Those Who Must Be Kept, and whom does he tell in return?
Lestat learns all the old tales from Marius in a secret meeting, and ends up blabbering it all to the world in his rock songs.
Lestat learned the secrets from Marius, and then told the other vampires what he had learned.
Lestat learned from discovering Akasha in an underground shrine.

7.) What sacred artifacts does Maharet hold on to?
Maharet keeps with her the tableted record of all her descendants down to the present day from 6000 years before, starting with her daughter.
Maharet keeps the tablets of the Great Family from the time of Akasha.
Maharet holds on to this big house.
Maharet? Who is that?

8.) What is the name of the band that plays in Lestat's flat?
The name of the band is actually called Satan's Night Out before Lestat joins their ranks, then they simply go by The Vampire Lestat
The Band is called The Vampire Lestat
The Band just takes his name. Lestat.
What? Who are we talking about now? Lestat. he is a rock star, right?

9.) What two kinds of vehicles does Lestat indulge himself in while enjoying his fame and fortune?
Lestat roars around on a Harley Davidson, and a 914 Black Porsche Coupe.
Lestat likes to ride his motorcycle and in his limo.
Lestat gets out of a Limo in the movie...
Him again? a car and a truck maybe?

10.) Lestat sings about what, and who is angered by this?
Lestat sings in code and verse, revealing ancient secrets about the vampires, and all vampires in the world hate him for it.
The vagabond vampires hate Lestat because he sings about vampires.
Lestat sings about death and rebirth, and a savage garden, and some young vampires try to kill him.
Wee...let's kill him. Why? I don't know.

11.) Who warns Lestat about his singing career?
All the vampires he loves closely warn him about his choices, and especially Marius, who is furious about the words in the music...
Marius warns Lestat that it could be a bad idea, and is also very angry with him over his ignorance of the dangers, and says others are angry.
Vincent Perez tells Stuart Townsend that he's stupid to try and sing for mortals...
Some dude.

12.) Who destroys Enkil?
Queen Akasha kills her own husband so she can absorb his strength in order to rule the world.
Akasha kills Enkil because he won't move like she will, and he doesn't agree with her.
Marius kills Enkil because he is worried that there will then be two to fight.

13.) Who does Akasha want to rule with her?
Lestat. He awakened her, and everything about him makes her love him and she wants him to be her king.
Akasha wants Lestat, but he refuses her flat out.
Aaliyah and Stuart Townsend were pretty much all over eachother throughout the movie...
who is akasha again?

14.) Who eventually destroys Akasha?
Mekare, the twin of Maharet.
Maharet kills Akasha.
All the vampires team up and destroy that evil bitch.
dead? what?

15.) Why did the vampires fear destroying Akasha, and what happened to erase their fear?
The Vampires all knew that Akasha was the mother of all,a nd if they killed her, they'd all die too, but Maharet and Mekare took the core into them.
If Akasha died, so did the vampires, because she was like, the head person. So, Mekare killed her and took the blood and became it.
Apparently they weren't afraid, cuz they kicked her ass in the movie.
kill that bitch. what?

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