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» Quiz: Which person in DNAngel are you?
Which person in DNAngel are you?
created by black_clouds

Find out which person in DNAngel you are..

1.) You are on your way home at night. You hear a sound from the other side of a house. You..
Get afraid and runs away..
Are allready on the other side..
Goes to the other sida to look it up..
Runs to the other side and start taking pictures - dont wanna miss a thing..

2.) Its friday night. What are you doing?
Are out..
Are at work..
Looking for my big break..

3.) Its lunchtime. What are you doing?
Are with my girlfriend/boyfriend and my friends..
Sitting by myself and eats or works..
Running around and make my friends irretated at me..

4.) Which words fits on you?
Nice, cute
Handsome, bad
Beautiful, nice (gay?)

5.) Do you have many friends?
No friends at all.
No, not really..

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