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» Quiz: which dragon knights character are you?
which dragon knights character are you?
created by godoflight

find out which dragon knights character u are!

1.) Hwat would you rather do if you had emense power?
Kill the goody goody king, and wreak havoc across the world
Protect the world against a very bad demon
join the good side and try to destroy a demon who has caused you emmense pain and fear
kill demons for sport as your life force is slowly draining away
protect the lord and fight for good(because you were an elf once)
use your power to steal things and then sell them to make mass amounts of money

2.) what would u rather be?
an elf
a demon wreaking havoc
a mighty lord that fights for good
a demon who is slowly dieing and is chained to something you did not want to do
a thief
a demon who doesn't want anything to do with demons and live a normal life

3.) you are...
good and pure of heart
will fight but would rather not
want to be left alone
a demon
a mighty thief who spends his/her money on gambling
wants to live a normal life

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