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» Quiz: Which Hobbit are you?
Which Hobbit are you?
created by The Most Sacred O

Which Hobbit is like you?

1.) How are you
I'm feeling adventurous
I'm feeling like some work in the garden
I'm alright, if only I was a bit taller
Well tell me how you are FIRST!
Where am I? I feel like Ozzy after an all night party in which I was the toilet
Fuck you!

2.) What personality do you have?
I'm going to forget that after only a brief period of time.......zzzz
I'm friendly, I like to be dragged along
I'm a poser, nuff said
I'm quite up front about everything. In otherwords, loud.
I like to stay at home and be a background person
I like to kill, STAB and hurt everyone!!!

3.) How do you feel about people or Hobbits
I'd like to eat one, or skin one alive, ooh! THE BLOOD
I don't remember what one of those is
They're all that keeps me going
I'm a hobbit, I like being a Hobbit.
Who knows, I don't care. I never talk to or even see anyone. My life sucks, I'm a total recluse.

4.) If you had the one ring, what would you do?
Wear it duh...
Polish it, keep it on the mantle piece
Err, what's going on? Are you the police?
I'd make my garden grow!
I'd stroke it day after day after day. NOW PISS OFF!!
I'd do what I'd do.

5.) Quiz over, how do you feel?
I feel quite jolly. Now I'm off for a truffle
I'm going now to play dungeons and dragons by myself
I'm going to find something to scald you with
I'm going to go and get my medication
I'm going to a party, I'm so damned popular
I'm going away forever. Bon Voyage me!

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