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» Quiz: Which Tale Does Your Heart Belong To?
Which Tale Does Your Heart Belong To?
created by albinoblacksheep

Which fairytale/story were you meant to be a part of? Find out!

1.) It's time to take a family portrait. This is a big occasion, as your parents are paying good money to have this handpainted, so you must be dressed up and perfect. Which person are you?
The person who is smiling sadly, knowing that they don't belong and perhaps never will.
The person who looks slightly disheveled and is red in the face because you were late again and had to run all the way there.
The person smack dab in the middle, smiling broadly, as if trying to fool the painter into thinking you're younger than you really are.
The one with a confused smile on your face, because you aren't sure of things now. It wasn't a good time for a picture.
The one on the end, barely in focus, scowling. Why you're scowling is because of a problem bigger than anyone will ever know.
The one who had just gotten finished having a good cry, but sucked it up because you know that you'll be picked on if you showed it.
The one with the mysterious glint in your eyes, showing that you've been through pain and triumph many times over.
You aren't there...you missed it, as you were out with friends.

2.) Favorite color?
Blood red, blacks, dark colors of the night
Stormy blues and purples...dreary colors
Yellows and pinks. Innocent colors.
Greens and light blues, the colors of nature.
Emerald green, ruby red, impacting colors that burn into you.
Bright colors, like you could reach out and pull in the sunset with your hands.
Grey. It's the only color I know...colors are new to me.

3.) Did you have a long lost love?
I was foolish and selfish...I may never have a true chance at love
I wouldn't say she's long lost...but I will probably never see her again.
Love? I think I'm a little too young to love, thank you very much.
Love? Yes, I know the feeling. My heart has been broken and decieved many times before.
Many people pine for me, but I never see anyone fit to give myself away to.
The girl I loved was possessive and jealous...I saw through to her and know that what we had was nothing but a dream.
The bond between our love is so strong that when he leaves this world, I shall wander until I feel my life has no meaning.

4.) Magic Powers?
Invisibility. Oh, and my mother's blood protects me from evil.
I can summon the power of my anscestors to smite the evil that follows in my path.
I can fly.
There's no such thing as magic!
I can see what other's cannot, I can sense what other's cannot, and I long for what other's cannot possibly comprehend.
I can go back and forth between Earth and a magical fantasy rhelm.
I have an enchanted castle and cursed servants...and two things I treasure very deeply.

5.) What do you want most?
To avenge all who have died on my behalf. It was all my fault.
To rebuild our corrupted world and spend the rest of my days in peace.
To resolve my issues and to be whole with my family once more.
To be the way I am forever!
To be left alone! ...But, really, I would like to see that old woman one last time...to apologize...to show her I've changed.
To be able to find my way back to my friends in the other world.
To see the rest of the world and what it's really like away from my horrible society.

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