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» Quiz: would i ever consider going out with you?
would i ever consider going out with you?
created by PhilRulez

i've never met you, but i think that the following questions can be a great basis for a succesful relationship. this is all i need to know to make a life-long commitment. and be honest in your answers

1.) Which of these musicians do you like?
why the hell should it matter? besides, these people all suck
50 Cent

2.) which of these sounds like a great date?
making out in a movie theater
sittin around watchin anime, playing video games, and something else nerdy, hell, throw in a game of chess.
going to an ICP show
going to the mall to hang out with people and go shopping
dinner at a nice restaurant

3.) you like guys who wear which brand of clothing?
Abercrombie and Fitch
anything goth/punkish
who gives a shit about brand name clothes?
Skater stuff, like Element

4.) what's most important in a guy?
big sausage
good personality, easy to get along with
originality of style

5.) you just had a one night stand. what do you do?
tell me immediately, promise not to do it again, and keep the promise
wait until i confront you, and then be honest with me about it
you wouldn't tell me, but you'd never do it again anyway
maybe see this other guy again, just one or two more times
he was better than you. bye.

6.) i just quit drinking. what do you think?
what a loser
good for you! alcohol is bad for you!
cool. but i stil like to drink occasionally, i keep it under control though
i'm a raging alcoholic, but i respect your decision
that's good, but there's this party... i'm gonna get wasted

7.) are you going to take the results of this quiz seriously?
yes, this is how i meet guys
no, i kinda figured out this isn't a serious quiz
if i get the results i want

8.) if we were watching tv and you had the remote, what would we be watching?
anythign on MTV
Married with Children, or some sort of cartoons
E! to learn about asshole celebrities and what they eat for breakfast
something on the History Channel about the Middle Ages
dating shows

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