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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What kind of stoner are you?is11032141037.0611/23/04
what kind of drug are you? (includes pictures)psytekk71751048476.071/6/05
Your Drug Personality...sUbLiMe 4 2 03703728036.884/7/04
What Kind of Crazy Drunk Are You?foxyglncocktail2542157375.4110/14/04
Are you sXe??DeepCutsxSilentScreams245559292.711/15/05
What Alcoholic drink are yousmoke_out4202407619485.571/23/05
Are you a badass stoner?(kool pics)purple_haze420189093117.1611/22/04
What Kind Of Druggie Are You?xFollowMe2xtcx184552152.59/9/04
What Kind of Partier are you?HappilyEverAfterFailed165569786.531/10/05
What Cuss Word Are You?bananahred1498961915.6010/3/04
Which drug is best for you?andrew_emmarson911829205.891/25/04
What is your problem?Emo_Death_Wish666127135.654/14/04
Does your drug fit your personality? ( 4 druggies or ppl who love drugs only)bleeding black tears6303102412/29/04
what kind of drunk are you?psyko13ytch615353535.8311/17/04
Wut Kind Of Drink Are Youderrty3959820036.252/16/05
What Kind Of Drug Is Best For YouStoned_Spyder_0-Thousand593170555.548/2/04
What kind of partier are you?manicfairy19548112356.199/18/04
How good of a drinker are you???SymphonyX537142502.855/31/04
What Kind of Drug Are you?obleeko530148236.9211/24/04
Whats the RIGHT drug for YOU?!?!VillageDruggieG135112770612/10/04
Is you cool?halec381350916245.8912/16/04
Which do you like best, Hallucinagens, Stimulants, or Depressants?babypimp50330573.1310/4/04
Are You a true stoner?comugian_spy501102447.206/7/04
Are you a true stoner?insane_angel495138676.888/19/04
What's your vice?hockey-in-florida43143493.286/8/04
What is your drug of choice?MeAFreak42156072.445/28/04
Are you a drugie ???PunkLoverEmo7841750003/14/05
whut drug are you!??XDBlack_polish39313088.21/10/05
WHAT KIND OF ALCOHOL ARE YOU-->-->-->KOOLPICSMJPeeps42038427754.122/20/05
What is the drug of your choice??Devilgrl14200837838302.646/27/04
what kind of tab or you?sanman37632682.112/8/04
What drug are you addicted to?CryLittleSister37139346.5210/29/04
Will you ever smugle drugs across the borderhi 238436334463.333/21/04
ArE yoU a drUg aTticT? XDBlack_polish35910187.81/11/05
whats your inner drug?rachum8835845462.8710/6/04
are you as cool as me?Id0ntF_inknowman35730186.115/31/04
The Weekend!?!?!?!Kristin8735530836.039/4/04
Why do You do Drugs?cotten_candy35528125.1412/7/04
What illegal substance are you?sweetsixsixsix35461572.4610/31/04
Are you an alcoholic?woom35338373.1412/8/04
Are You High Right Now?*SyCoTiK LiL StAwKeR*34424961.7212/17/04
what kind of stoner are u?margarita glass34084186.289/18/04
Are you a tree?irapedurgrapes33933394.518/26/04
Which drug is best for you?art_of_blood33731465.7811/30/04
What Kind Of Raver Are U???vampyre66633427834.410/27/04
What kind of drink are you?w00tah33421353.81/6/05
ArE yEw a TrUe sToNeR?! . .sickbitch42033311708.2712/20/04
What kind of alcohol are you?sinfulcowgirl33334362.161/15/05
what drug are you?>>>>>COOL PICS!!bloodyblackrose8932774846.701/25/05
What Bomp Refugee Are You?fuzzco6632613496.567/15/04
are you a true stoner?travis__mackinnon32531925.608/24/04
Do you drink?scotto34532462634.463/18/04
Who's House? My House! Are you invited???CptnMorgan3248579.711/29/05
Which Drink are you?twistitup4life321106752/11/05
What Drug Are You Into?ihavebaggage31715553.3712/11/04
Do You Do Drugs?*SyCoTiK LiL StAwKeR*316117151/11/05
Bludshot Presents-What's Your Favorite Buzz?!!!!chainsaw8531515746.2512/6/04
Are you a true Stoner or a fake?Juggalo364431217458.82/12/05
XxAre you a drughead,alcoholic,or both?xXShadowingWillow630637696.329/22/04
Are you a drunk?black_aria30631633.210/29/04
what kind of alcohol are you???xxForeverxxBrokenxx30154315.121/3/05
Are You A Pothead?stonersalwayslate4213015667.53/8/05
how do you smoke your weed?xoxohott_blondexoxo298272262/15/05
Are you a Drug Adict?onlyonedown29711352.512/29/04
What type of drinker are you?Little-Gothic-Neko29720577.331/23/05
What type of smoker are you?wereallmadhere420297485103/12/05
What type of drug do you prefere?Hippys_R_us2957132.751/23/05
Whats the best drug for you?Garbage29111965.11/21/05
What drug should you do?tOni_4:2028311038.332/27/05
what kindof drug do u usebeautiful_with_cuts28075851/22/05
Are you a Pothead?StonerTessa42027899052/19/05
Are you a Drunk?crushcomix2757916.661/31/05
Are you a stoner?FlickChic2745575.752/15/05
How do you like your weed?vamprocker127321005.51/29/05
ARE YOU A TRUE STONER???crazy_misfit27272571/27/05
Are you a TRUE alcholic ????DESJJSKY272485103/7/05
What Kind Of Drug Are You?mrmike778826945832/22/05
well, yea r u fucked?????????????????????????????????????DCGohan268477none3/5/05
Are you a true Druggie?!?!?!VillageDruggieG132671066512/9/04
DRUG TESTROCKonDRUGGI26622964.82/3/05
What drug fits you best?twistitup4life263714none2/13/05
What kind of drunk are you?!AV8rSiXd9er2623908.53/13/05
What drug are you?SubCrazy261381103/13/05
What Kind Of Drug Are YOU Bitch!!!! KOOL PICS...BITCH!!!MJPeeps42025913346.52/17/05
What kind of drug are youFlickChic25745852/22/05
how will you die~*Ashes*~25717144.092/24/05
Are you an OC head?ocslutsbytch257334none3/13/05
Which Drug R U?xoxblazedbabixox2545138.52/24/05
what drug are you?wickedraven42025313932.512/6/04
What kind of stoner are you?insane_angel24911436.52/2/05
Got what it takes 2 B da next DRUGLORD??Scorpion09Xtremedeath2355926.52/13/05
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