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» Quiz: What nonfiction book should you read?
What nonfiction book should you read?
created by Lindstar

Based on your answers, this quiz will suggest a non-fiction book for you to read. Hopefully it will catch your interest and you will find a new favorite book.

1.) Which is the most unfair?
A chemo patient has to suffer through side effects because of drug laws.
A large company gets a tax break for hiring untrained workers, that is worth more than they pay that worker.
A mans family is taken from him and he is forced to work.
Someone gains weight and is in poor health because they lack the knowledge to eat right.
A person is given a japanese maple, but have no knowledge on how to take care of it.
A person dies in the 18th century and their organs are harvested without permission before he is buried.

2.) What are your views on drugs?
They are unhealthy and harmful to your body.
I should never have to pay for them, I'd rather grow it myself.
I can't imagine what they do to your body.
The governent should stay out of peoples affairs. I mean life sentences for possession of certain drugs? That's rediculous.
No opinion, not important.
My drug is food, the faster the better. I love grease, salty fries!

3.) Do you like controversy?
Yes, love it!
I prefer values and emotions
Yeah as long as it's legal
No, I prefer facts and figures, there's no controversy in that.
I prefer learning something than causing problems.
Yeah, but they must contain facts to support it.

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