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» Quiz: What Harry Potter Character Are You?
What Harry Potter Character Are You?
created by lily0623

find out what harry potter character you are

1.) Do you get people back when they do something bad to you?
Yes, i kill them if possible
If my friends think its a good idea
No , that only leads to more trouble.Eventually they will get what they deserve
sometimes it depends on what they do
No , id rather just cry it out.Besides im to kind to think of anything
Yes as much as i can, they will be sorry
usually , sometimes i just ignore it , others i get them back GOOD!!

2.) Do you get along with most people?
If they are really good at heart
If they get along with me usually
Not very often i have very few friends
If they help me when im in trouble
I dont have any real friends , just people who i command around
Only if they are almost exactly like me , if not i just make thier lifes misrable
Yes , if my friends like them than i do
Only with those of the purest hearts are close to me , and the ok ones i get along with most the time

3.) Do you think you would win a fight with a giant snake?
Sure , NO PROBLEM its the snake that should be scared
ummm i dunno..yes ...runs away
all snakes are my friend , i would never be in a fight with one
Um no but maybe i could out smart it by running in circles, and stuff
yeh sure bring it
it depends on how i feel at that time

4.) What would you say you are out of the following?
big and strong
The best wizard/witch ever to live
well respected
Very Intellectual
Afraid of spiders

5.) what is your favorite hobby out of the following?
practicing the dark arts
making fun of people i hate
helping anyone or anything
playing wizards chess
flying on my broom , or playing quidditch
taking care of big scary animals
Try to get closer to being the ruler of the world!!!!

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