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» Quiz: Which Fantasy Creature are you?
Which Fantasy Creature are you?
created by Graest

So.... Which one are you?

1.) Do you enjoy killing people?
No, of course not! Why would I do that?
Depends... Is it for personal gain?
Only if it's unavoidable
No. I believe that all life is sacred.
Why should I answer that?
I'm not partial to killing, but I would in self-defense
Depends... Do I get to breathe fire on them?

2.) Your favorite color:
Red.. like flame.
Why are you asking me this?!? What does that have to do with what I am?
Red, like blood
Gold, like the color of feathers shining in the sunlight.
Silver. The color I see when I look in the mirror.
Black, like shadows.
The color of the moon.
I dont have a favorite color.

3.) Your friends would describe you as:
Friends? WHERE? Its my turn to show off...again.
A caring, honest person.
Just like them, except younger.
I have no need for friends.
I am too beautiful for friends.
I cant have friends. The have a tendancy to...disappear.
They left me a LOOONG time ago.
We are close to each other. In a friendly way.

4.) Last question. You enjoy living in a:
House, of course. How dumb can you get?
A warm cave on a mountain top.
The darkness.
Among many other people, maybe a city.
Alone. a spooky forest sounds nice.
In a beautiful forgotten glade in the middle of an enchanted forest.
The sky. I feel at home there.
In a fishbowl!

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