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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What group of society do you fit into?oliveraqua30711361816.2911/17/04
Which group of society do you fit into? (Quicker but less accurate version)oliveraqua25932275435.3311/16/04
What disneyland ride are you?disneylandpirate6862246086.046/11/04
What Broadway Musical Are You?Theaterlady1384072155.586/25/04
Which late 20th Century decade are you?bndrmcfarlane380384143.255/6/04
How would you Sell Your Grandmother?glartfargle361471795.071/22/04
What Video Game Character are You.psychoEd227638337.1112/22/04
Are you popular?RevolutionaryModernation3202464284.153/25/04
What kind of mobster are you?Capone22117222914.531/5/05
Which Las Vegas Casino(s) Are You?RIPKINGDOME92620377.908/8/04
Were you born to the right race???Baby_Shorty86498981.668/25/04
WHAT HOLIDAY ARE YOU?disneylandpirate60871805.776/11/04
Which Scum of the Earth Are You?thumpertherabbit59216226.8711/17/04
The true test; are u a punk or posergcrokchik2758032654.3811/21/04
Should you be shot in the head?deadjane50511774.091/12/05
What Ruby Gloom Quote Are You? ( Guys do yourself a favor,Save this for the girls)_Morbid_Angel_Wings_47720477.0811/22/04
what kind of person arewolfracer4746430054.925/24/04
What's your sexual orientation?DecadeEvolution46212708.332/18/05
Where do you belong in the world? (((Pictures)))SeethaBladeDevi46157026.0411/24/04
Are you a vampire?Lady Killa45552146.152/9/04
What category do you fit into?rockaway13545418116.4710/18/04
Which Mad Mad House alt are you?madbug45234597.704/8/04
what stereotype are you?magickmidget43753062.7410/29/04
Which Unknown Quote are You?snowflake1941811288.332/11/05
Would I like you?RevolutionaryModernation340331263.033/25/04
Are you a trend defier, setter, or lover?mathurakrish3969788.831/17/05
Which Kind of Economically Depressed Area Are You?katiemariie38924035.128/4/04
What non-modern civilization are you?Niantdogman38436462.853/18/04
Do you have the soul of a Necro Ninja?Astaroth3838295.8311/27/04
Your actual High School Genre...unclebrian3834121412/15/04
What kind of man are you !?ChixR4Fags3828076.361/14/05
Are you a redneck?ChixR4Fags38111327.51/13/05
Whats your smiley icon?Soccerbabe1238021594.3710/17/04
Are you down with the clowns?Juggalette_Rotting_decay37323755.865/25/04
Test your french!meMYSELFandI35916567.1112/27/04
Is your family messed up?Grim34842793.717/4/04
Could you get a second date?The Quizzard34417556.165/31/04
How BRO are you?Matt_Corkill34315704.2610/29/04
Are you a pretentious Scenester?TheDeadMilkman3434736.661/21/05
What kinda chick r u? (girls only)migitraffe33746853.0910/1/04
Are You A Psychotic Clown?rockfan883346005.62/11/05
orange 2pete13339464.464/21/04
which of my friends are you most like? (includes real pictures)lovestolove33113434.871/2/05
What type of Hobo are you?Lady_Nightmare32411698.711/20/05
What is your townie status?Mrs_Ian_Watkins!32310935.6312/21/04
Redneck Vocab Quizscoobydoorocks11532160472/13/05
What are you?gcrokchik273171077412/13/04
Which one of my friends are you?Lycon3117636.7711/29/04
What is your future job?cglass77730868352/23/05
Are u a fuckin moron?Ace of spades30512724.7511/18/04
What is your label?s_cobb29437031.3410/7/04
wat are u gonna b in ur nxt life??vampqueen2888335.52/25/05
The Cannibal QuizPanic2814116.663/10/05
Are you popular? VERY TRUEmishy007727924205.822/6/05
What is your Chinese Zodiac?Kagaitoraookami2795238.52/27/05
Would You Annoy Me?rockfan882717498.42/12/05
What kind of person are you?RedDragon112268394none3/11/05
Are you a rummy?migitraffe267556410/2/04
How good do u girls have itmzallstar142626227.332/14/05
what city should you live in?FlipFlops48825668052/23/05
r u a GRUNGER?!reganm0225262032/6/05
Are you a AE, A&F, or HTalk_is_cheap--so_am_I251400none3/13/05
are you my friend, man?thelocust2464409.252/3/05
Which one of my friends are you?andremo0987244569212/7/04
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