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» Quiz: Which Before the Veil character Are You?
Which Before the Veil character Are You?
created by geekinthepink

Find out which charcter from the beloved RPG you match with.

1.) The first day of term has arrived, what are your thoughts?
-sigh- It's great to be back.
Wonderful. I hate this.
Oooh... She looks hot.
Pranks. And getting vengance on the Slytherins... Of course.
Perhaps I'll find love...
-sigh- I don't fit in... I hate this,
I wonder what we'll be learning this year...
When's dinner?
Oooh... I wonder...

2.) Uh-oh. Two weeks into term and you're already in trouble. What did you do?
Uh... I think I slept with a few too many girls...
Beat up relatives. So what?
Absolutely nothing.
Depends on who's asking...
Ha... I never get in trouble.
Full moon... Not my fault.
Schemed. Hey, we all do it.
Hmph. How dare you accuse me of something like this.
I dunno... What do you think I did?

3.) On Halloween night, a terrible curse sweeps the school. What would be the worse thing that you would be forced to do?
Hm... Be ugly?
Befriend Gryffindors... -cringe-
Speak to a Slytherin. -cringe-
Tell the truth...
The worse thing? I can't think of anything....
Come clean to my best friend.
Nothing...You can't force me to do anything.
Dress up like a man?
Baby-sit the Marauders... Wait, I do that anyway...
Eh... Be good?

4.) There's drama in the school corridors. What's your part in it?
Lied to my best friend... Slept with her boyfriend. Oh well.
There's drama? Damn, and I missed it?
-sigh- Nothing... But that doesn't mean I won't be cleaning up this mess.
Nothing... Yet.
Messed around with a Mudblood... I mean, Muggle-Born.
Damn, I knew I should have been more careful.
Nothing. Simply being myself.
Torn between family.
Fighting... I think I nailed the right hook though.
What didn't I do?

5.) The Yule Ball approaches... What are your plans?
Broom closet... And probably some other closets.
Yule Ball? As if I'll show my face to that thing.
Have a magical evening!
Eh. Mingle?
Eh. Who knows?
Not look for James. That's for sure...
Find some empty space and make out with my fantastic boyfriend.
Find Lily.
Find myself wrapped in my beloved boyfriend's arms.

6.) What are your plans for the future?
Death Eater.
Shh... Don't tell anyone... Not what you think.
How should I know?
Become a healer... Or an Auror... Oooh, or a professor.
Some of us may not have futures.
Why would you ask such a stupid question?
Get married, have kids. Be happy.
Eh... Who cares?

7.) Describe yourself in one word.
Considerate. Caring, Creative, Thoughtful... Oh, you said one word?
One word? Eh... pass.
I'm not into labels.
Unique... Maybe?

8.) Quidditch. What is it?
A game.
Bloody brilliant.
Fantastic. You get to take out frusterations on other people.
Others seem to like it...
Fun to watch. Dangerous to play.
Did I mention it was brilliant?
Amazing. I love it.

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