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» Quiz: How would you die in a Stephen King story?
How would you die in a Stephen King story?
created by iamthekiller

1.) What is your worst fear?
the unknown
fear? i dont know of such a thing
death of your friends and family
losing your talent
losing your sanity at an old age
losing your girl/boy friend
im the captain of the football team, im not scared
not getting into college

2.) How do you think of yourself?
sleek, cool and desirable
holy, dark, and laughable
there are no vampires
a very talented person
im not crazy, IT IS GETTING CLOSER
im the best of the best, you are beneath me
just another person
always tired

3.) If someone tells you that there is something sppoky going on you will....
agree, one day it will get me
prove them wrong with facts
stock up on food
laugh and shove the geek in a locker
convince them otherwise with ur smooth ways
there are no spooks, nothing like that ever happens here, except that one time...
tell them its the mokey's fault
tell them they are crazy and practice what you do best
a man of God believes in no such things

4.) What makes you happy?
playing with your head
teaching nerds their place
doing what you do best
your wife and kids
getting rid of the monkey once and for all
small talk
watching that damn truck
pimping out the fine ladies

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