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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
How much road rage do you have?dveagri219693777.895/15/04
What is your dream car?Kissylynn1010124094.4410/7/04
What kinda import car is for u???slowww_b18b1962493385.577/30/04
What NASCAR driver are YOU???BudMnJr890832795.3110/5/04
Which kind of car are you?SeanRulesYou858372444.063/26/04
What kinda car r u? ( classic cars n new cars )xamericanidiot10x77238945.1712/4/04
Auto Identityzen592285064.895/17/04
What Kind Of Chevy Fits YouYOFUCKYOU38143015.267/17/04
How well do you know your muscle cars?my88vette3518996.92/20/05
what kind of car fits you best!!!(pics!!!!)richkid212134632184.712/21/05
Are you Verified for an Official Insane Drivers Lisence?psycho_bunny34131654.416/14/04
WhAt Is YoUr KiND oF cAr?strwberyshake14330988734.519/8/04
Yo nIggA wAt rAcEr uEARVIN8O83074088.333/14/05
What truck are you?evi1_rocker29427864.1810/21/04
What Kind Of HONDA are you?!?SMiggy29114852.461/13/05
What nissan car are you???CrashSEntra01291422none3/10/05
which Nascar driver are u???crazyfreeq27314061.688/26/04
What Champ Car Driver are YOU??percussion_gurl2737935.5510/7/04
Nascar driverStewart27211047.0410/26/04
What Kind of Chevy is for You?bonbons06272559102/27/05
What car do you drive/should you drive?a67shelbygt35026915293.441/28/05
What kind of car will you drive ?LOVER26827360.3912/18/04
wht 1 of my friends r u?nick_7426670701/9/05
what monster truck are u?emmastarz26413190.949/6/04
What Formula One Team are you?vampyrx25912467.659/11/04
Which Honda car are you?izzie25616451.8612/18/04
WHAT KIND OF BMW ARE YOU?ashtangaz2534418.333/7/05
What Import Car R You?lil_okay_boy252247357none3/11/05
What type of bike are you?kawasaki24376541/29/05
What is your CARJonyBoy24124802.912/5/04
which car do you represent?korn6924040932.217/15/04
Which NASCAR driver are you?faggot052375476.91/28/05
what kinda Nascar fan R U?MaudMadderson23553682/5/05
What type acura are you?xsara101x23542822/24/05
what movie car suites you best?hevy_bass_geetar23496551/29/05
what rider are yout4ndrummafox4234389103/2/05
what kind of truck are you?motoxxx5523181971/30/05
Which Formula 1 driver are you?Formula_Juan230412102/21/05
WhAt KiNdA BiKe R U?doofusnkryz2258745.92/6/05
What kind of racer are you?TieTieFu22368152/22/05
do u kno about cars?G_man270022215883.272/2/05
New And IMPROVED car Quizashtangaz21936082/28/05
What NASCAR Driver are Youeffing-determined218311none3/7/05
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