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» Quiz: what literary genre art thou?
what literary genre art thou?
created by sweetcatastrophe

1.) lets start easy ... favorite color?
green brown natural colors
red and black colors of blood and nighttime
pinks and yellows happy colors
yellow i mean orange yeah i always get the 2 mixed up
black white
why do you want to know

2.) musical taste?
various artists
techno and pretty stuff
rap r&b the stuff that takes no talent
emo deep stuff

3.) hows your love life?
they left me for someone prettier ((sighs))
im with a prince/princess
i like hats... and trench coats
no time for love
uhhh ummm what do you mean
is there love or is it all just lust

4.) what do you look like ?
uhhh mmmmm i dont know
not as pretty as her
why dont you look at me
perfect blonde hair blue eyes great body yeah
comfy stuff fashions not my thing

5.) well this is a predictable question ... what kinda books do you like to read?
well i like things that make you think
heat wrenching poems things that can make you cry
biographys things of that nature
little kids books... the only ones i can read
fantasys i love using my imagination
things with happy endings

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