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» Quiz: What Laurell K. Hamilton character are you?
What Laurell K. Hamilton character are you?
created by DeRogueRaven

Are you the stubborn Anita Blake, the charming french vampire Jean-Claude or perhaps Princess Meredith Gentry? Find out now.

1.) Are you a monster?
...yes.....I'm a lycanthrope and I hate every minute of it
I am a Queen, calling me a monster is suicide!
if your asking if I am a vampire, then yes, yes I am.
monster? why, what ever are you talking about?
I'm not a vampire or anything like that, but I am a monster, at least to me
monster? I hunt monsters.
i'm a lycanthrope and proud!
monster? you shall be subjected to a death at the hands of my mother for calling me that!
monster? no. a heir to the throne of Faire? yes.

2.) What is your job title?
professional bounty hunter aka Death
necromancer and vampire hunter, they call me the Executioner
I own a stip joint and several clubs
I'm a junior high school teacher
i'm a stripper at Guilty Pleasures
I am a Queen, that is my job
who needs a job when your a prince?
I'm a P.I
I own a shop that sells psychic paraphernilia

3.) What word would descibe you the best?

4.) What is your favorite color?
black, it pisses off my boss
i don't care
forrest green
leather....what its a color!
anything dark that reflects my power over darkness
any pastel color
whatever makes me look better then everyone else

5.) How many significant others do you have?
only my Teddy!
lots once I get out of this inprisonment
I have a whole bunch of willing lovers
a lot, I need to get pregnat soon!
sadly no one but sometimes i get some action
2 for sure......and others who I occasionly have sex with...a lot
only 2, my man and my woman
one but its just a cover up, its all a lie
no one, i pushed my love away

6.) How many weapons do you own/use?
weapons? I would nevr dream of using a weapon!
anything that I can use to hurt you
I have a whole army who are willing to fight for me
i just change into a werewolf and I AM the weapon
I could never kill someone!
my mind control
my lovers will protect me
my ever handy Browning
my mini-uzi and flame thrower, but I'm always getting more toys

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