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» Quiz: What crazy ass poet are you? (pics)
What crazy ass poet are you? (pics)
created by kenram66

Crazy dead poet you are

1.) Education Level?
Master degree. Summa Cum Laude. Fulbright Schlorship. Top of my class
Fuck all that, you don't need education when you got that bling bling like me. Plus I am sexy as hell, Biiitch.
High School. Some community college, but dropped out.
College Dropout, but so, I have talent.
O, well I had to leave school for family obligation, oh, and I got ADD real bad.

2.) Sex?
Only with my wife
A lot in college, I was a freak but then I got into a commited relationship so I was faithful.
With my man, my woman, my agent, my daughter, my dad, all my friends, my grandma, that couple at that reading I did.
To my wives and maybe to a my beloved sister
Why are you asking me this shit? I do it missionary with my wife BITCH!
In groups. Things up anal cavity: sticks, bottles, dicks.

3.) What did you write?
Poems that no one really got but still loved.
Poems about how I have issues with my dad, letters to my kids, and journals.
Post Pardum depression. Dysfunction families. Death. Sex. Masturbation
about Lovers and odes
About Spring and innocence. The joy of the world and childhood

4.) How old were you when you died?

5.) In your spare time you
Visit friends, travel, write
write, drink, write, fuck, fist fight, suicide attempts, hospitalizations
camp, hang out outside, hang out with family
spend time with wife, write, creep people out
write, have orgies, neglect your children, diet

6.) You are self concious about
you not being good enough
your weight
your mental state
your oily skin

7.) Pick one
mentally ill
lack of self-confidence

8.) To be a writer you must
Be very intelligent and good with words, being depressed helps
horny, mentally ill, psycho, and coming from a long line of crazies to validate your writng
Have natural talent, like me Bitch!
have access to nature
Have natural talent and imagination

9.) Public Places?
For Sex you mean?
Not really
Only if I am accepting an award

10.) Your family were
really smart, talented, pianist, artist types
Rich and wealthy, so looked up to, no one noticed how much they were literally fucking me
Dead for a while

11.) Your life is marked by
Accomplishment and happiness
homosexuality. Success and then illness
Early accomplishment. Academia, depression and then tragedy
Molestation, life-long genetic mental-illness, suicide
Death of loved ones, lack of appreciation, and beauty

12.) The closet thing to your sign is
Taurus, the bull
Scorpio (eagle)
Scorpio (scorpion)

13.) Height?
Under 5'6

14.) How did you die?
Suicide, head right in that goddamn oven!
Suicide, in my garage
Old age
Old age, I was pretty happy
Sick as hell, young and fucked up; good thing I partied it up.

15.) Pick a Poem
Her kind or Live
Don Juan
Daddy or October
Written in Very Early Youth or The Last of the Flock
The Englishman in Italy or A Women's Last Words
Lady Lazarus

16.) R U?
A hot depressed chick
AN EXTREMELY hot chick who is seriously mentally ill
An elderly man wishing he could be a kid?
A man who misses his wife
A bi-sexual that neglects their kids

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