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» Quiz: Which one of my friends are you?
Which one of my friends are you?
created by PhilRulez

you've probably never met me or any of my friends. why you're taking this is a mystery. oh well, try not to screw up. you really odn't have a life, do you, to be taking such pointless quizzes?

1.) HAHAHAHA! pick a favorite color,just because this is in EVERY quiz on the internet regardless of it really being necessary. although it kinda is here, i hope i don't mess this up. and you shouldn't mess up either
Black, red, blue, i guess
gray (i think, i could be wrong)
who cares? i'm cooler than you anyway, but i'd be representin black and red

2.) what would you most likely have in the trunk of your car?
a 20 ft. whip
Vin Diesel
your FACE!
old, dirty fastfood shirt i never gave back
something else, i guess? i don't know. just choose this if none of the other ones seem to fit

3.) which of these best describes you? just pick the one that's closest, like it really matters.
about 5'11 with badass shoulder length hair (usually in ponytail), and in good damn shape
5'9-5'10 , slim, but still capable of beating some ass with a sword
really short, REALLY cute. long hair
about 5'5 or 5'6 with big hooters.
about 5'9 and starting to get back in shape
i've got a pretty FACE!

4.) how do you spend your free time?
with my boyfriend, usually
out late with buddies, or meeting girls. i love girls.
out REALLY late with cute guys, sometimes gettin drunk
reading or on the internet or something like that
what free time? i have to work, and go to meetings, and what free time i have is at swordfighting class. because that's cool
i'm always down to hang out, but i usually prefer sittin around playing video games or stimulating my intellect somehow. i generally hate people.

5.) pick a name
Charles or Gavin

6.) what kinda car do you drive? i'm out of ideas here
Toyota Celica, '89. 221,000 miles and all sorts of cool stickers
Mercury. and almost all my earthly possessions are in it
blue Ford taurus with Stewie license plate holder
Toyota Camry that barely manages to start, so i have everyone else give me rides.
some sort of Honda, i think. sheesh. i don't know my friends at all. but i have big boobies

7.) what would you get me for my birthday?
i forgot when it was
a bad-ass homemade dice holding pouch, complete with dice
i'd say i'd get you something, and 2 months later you're still waiting and not really concerned about it anymore but still giving me a hard time.
new friends
we'd all go see Stephen Lynch and Mitch Hedburg (great show)
a big ol' hug or something like that

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