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» Quiz: Could you last in a scary movie??
Could you last in a scary movie??
created by scoobygirl

1.) You hear a noise in the middle of the night and your dog is missing, You??
Just shrug and think oh well, the mutt is off getting some action.
You scream and yell for your mommy
Think cool, lets investigate.
Ummmm a noise, why would there be a noise.
My poor dog, what happened to my poor dog. You call your friend and tell them to get over her right quick.

2.) When your friend tells you about a haunted house that is right up the street, you say??
Ohhhh Yeahhhh lets gooooo
Hey lets get some candles and head on over
You arm yourself with the power you think you might need
You grab a camara, anything to show proof of what could be going on in the house.

3.) What do you do when you see an evil being in your living room??
You scream and run up the stairs.
You run out the door
You gather all your courage and ask what it wants
Moooommmmmmmy, I want my mommy.
Ummm why would i see somehting in my living room, Just because I took a hit off a bong don;t mean that he is real

4.) Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
Hell nooo
Ummm I think soo
Hell yeah man
I don't believe in the paranormal
I think it could happen but never had happened to me
Yeah, don't ask

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