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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What is your inner Demon?evanescence_desire11383322967.3611/16/04
What Dungeons and Dragons Character are you?Kain_the_Slayer10390143346.708/22/04
What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics)evanescence_desire10374361157.6411/21/04
What kind of dragon are you?Furliniea8231126916.029/1/04
Which Famous Knight of the Round Table are you?AcrylicPerception8229149317.373/6/04
Which Disney Character Are You?ImaginaryFallenAngel5450886994.243/9/04
Are you a werewolf?xxkickyourassxx541994687.47/11/04
Which Chaos Legion would you be part of?Razhbad511058258.8611/3/04
What Celtic Diety are you?blazingdragon5064181226.316/3/04
What is your Paranormal gift?_Black_Spotted_Lion_4955151277.331/11/05
What Mythical Creature Best Suites Your Personality?Funny_Bunny4511149006.818/25/04
Your Greek Goddess Soulmate (With Pictures) Girls OnlyFangedWarrioress385576108.0912/29/04
What Warcraft 3 Race Best Suits You?Kain_the_Slayer376757596.928/10/04
Which beautiful Sorceress are you?counterfeit_reality3669321176.648/26/04
Which Mysterious Creature are You?glartfargle366396815.151/18/04
Which Greek god/goddess are you?mjcool823646317394.778/7/04
What HeartBreaker girl are you?!Gistle363365694.418/18/04
Which Magical Dark Creature Are You?Wolf__Eyes3596267847.268/29/04
which troy character are you?amazonwarriors358256187.385/27/04
Which tortall character are you most like?(WITH GREAT PICTURES)190044343244914.2710/7/04
What vampire would you be?indiebaby3303408787.438/29/04
What type of Fairy are you?! The good or bad!?(pics)Love_Is_Like_A_Rose323598647.0411/19/04
what immortal am Iweeper32004134512/7/04
Which of the three Fates are you?Jesseh the Sexeh317078016.538/11/04
What type of mythical horse are you?Lady_Nightmare290836147.161/7/05
What Dark-Hunter are you?blazingdragon267793716.755/4/04
What kind of person were you in your past life?Emo_Death_Wish2611416034.073/15/04
Which W.I.T.C.H character are you?Bloody Shadow Dragon257642058.059/22/04
What Stargate Race are you?kinnell240328138.251/7/05
What Type Of Vampire Are You?Gingersnaps_rulez228448936.1812/11/04
What Element Do You Control?Slayzor227431856.6612/27/04
What type of mage are you?VampireGod6942226137765.909/12/04
Which bladebreaker did you just go out with?!Gistle222132817.948/24/04
which gothic creature are you?skulls220069843.491/9/05
What Wicked Character are you?WickedFanatic5211228341.8510/18/04
What Mythical Animal Are You?Oceana201263207.3910/15/04
What Type Of Dragon Are You?Slayzor188724586.7612/24/04
Are you Saintly or Demonic?The Pope (Clayton)172541457.149/18/04
what elemental dragon are you**GREAT PIC**iceladydragon168942398.2112/25/04
What Egyptian God or Goddess are You?butterflykisses152664323.5412/22/04
In ancient greek mythology, who are you related to?taysami148796965.4710/3/04
What would you ride into battle?~Lady Lancelot~147641236.277/12/04
watz ur anime hair colorBloody Shadow Dragon143640714.4111/8/04
What Angel Are You?WhiteWitch1415706606.487/17/04
What Dragonlance series character are you?Lady_of_Minis_Tirith116927615.177/2/04
Which Egyptian God or Goddess do you represent? (Pictures!)Hathor114617688.423/13/05
What child of Kronos are you?blazingdragon107240676.865/4/04
What is your Inner Dragon are you? (neat pictures)Mother_Conffessor892154173/2/05
What kind of neko are you?(Gurlz only)air_faerie_13998811150012/21/04
What Trojan-war era woman are you?LadyCassandra78375737.726/9/04
Which Greek God are youangelface675276187392.973/24/04
What mystical creature are you?blazingdragon709146046.055/5/04
Which Of The Fay Are You?sol_star69945076.784/6/04
What Kind Of Blood Rushes Through Your Veins?psychoified69434026.32/13/05
The Lives of The Hidden Onea_leprechaun689816none1/5/05
Which Loyalist legion would u be part of?Razhbad6859899.0511/10/04
What Aura Colour Are You?Stormy_Autumn67843086.421/27/05
What should your hair color be?o0cottonmouth0o66613414.5712/24/04
Daughters of the MoonFlash: )655148946.981/16/04
What Fantasy Monster are you?Bride of the Shadow Lord63523777.3310/26/04
The Charmed Quizthreeisacharm62515846.2511/3/04
What Dragon are you???? pics!kal_gurl6139737.0912/5/04
What Mask Are You?xmx_satine_xrx6089845.751/2/05
What kind of fairie are you ?(girlz only)MaRiLyNmAnSoNfAn13602222066.507/1/04
Where would you be best stationed within the Imperium?Razhbad5887778.7511/17/04
Are you the Devil or God?Northern Star57063164.523/23/04
Which of the great dragons would you be?Kiwikat17135571550811/17/04
Are you Human?Sejiph55314966.1211/23/04
LOTR Personality Match W/Excellent PicsFangedWarrioress54317457.2112/20/04
Which element are you????flamingtiger030654289884.988/2/04
Can you be corrupted?Razhbad53619558.3010/29/04
What Kind of Wings Does your Soul Possess?Panic53513938.443/7/05
Which Final Fantasy X2 character are you??Cheer_Bear52933466.378/18/04
which chaos god are you?lashblade52830138.7510/29/04
Your Secret Guardian Faerie (W/Pics)FangedWarrioress52040537.5912/30/04
What elemental dragon are you?Arkana51982745.291/3/04
Magic Colornight_wing_20025188847.81/11/05
Your own fantasy journey...fckd_up_psycho51533515.076/22/04
Which Magical Power are you most likey to have ?Krissyelizaz50869935.5112/5/04
What Element Dragon are you?(pics)Gypsy_vanner_girl50313267.4511/21/04
What mythological creature do you represent? (For girls only )fallin_angel49615433.6211/19/04
What elementary bird are you?Northern Star49328976.923/22/04
What Brian Froud Faerie best fits you?Shadows_on_the_wall49020155.667/11/04
How would your journey end?Gistle48627417.926/11/04
What Sexy Goddess Are You?AmourwitchXXX482103406.1110/10/04
If you were to have a magical ability, what would it be?Slayzor47818948.4512/25/04
What Type of Faerie are You?Slipknot_Maggot_Laura47341325.237/7/04
Hero or Villan?Gistle47136165.936/11/04
What mythical creature are you?laker_spirit4516988.751/5/05
Your element of fightingMidnight_Flame450528103/15/05
What Dominant Underdark Race Are you?Whackmiester4458129.121/3/05
What God Are You?Shadow-Kitsune4446097.3312/27/04
Which faerie are you?Shyla44334747.018/21/04
Which W3 Minor Race Are you?/ FORM:1flambuex4356457.49/25/04
ARE U A JEW?jcslingerland42040352.467/14/04
What Mystical Creature Would You Be? (Girls Only)xmx_satine_xrx41011138.1112/22/04
What psychic abilitys do you have?Riddick40734896.1911/14/04
Which power off of Charmed would you have?threeisacharm4018537.212/2/04
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