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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Are you an independent thinker?zen14451336846.575/4/04
Are you a bleeding heart liberal?accursed_wolf577864121.121/8/05
Which famous dictator are you?electrofreak20064995155575.5110/30/04
Are you a Dick, Pussy, or Asshole?Riff_da_Jakal403968864.6911/1/04
would I fuck you hard soft or not at all (girls only)demonic angel 21295656786.9610/10/04
Which Extreme are you?Aaron Graf217940370.909/22/04
Are you Spy Material?hillsjim210229016.921/7/05
What is your political orientation?electrofreak2006122480045.4610/28/04
Whats your political view.RottenNRebelious779147064.207/15/04
Racism TestMississippi Master61389473.579/14/04
What Goverment Is Best For You?psychoEd60416595.1812/22/04
What kind of US citizen are you V. 0.3Novena52424174.328/3/04
How peaceful are you?Koo50824785.097/10/04
Are You Going to be a Dictator?Icarus50811162.661/12/05
Which branch of the military are you?cute_lil_baby8545639691.301/27/04
International RelationsArdeth45213825.929/4/04
Are You A Princess, an Anarchist, a Nazi or a Communist????rockfan883837536.663/7/05
Which government party should you support?ocpunklover37810266.7112/18/04
Do you hate George Bush?kickme37723916.2312/9/04
is the government after youCapone223758245.141/5/05
are you democradic or republician(( please be American for this quiz))Lich z20 Dekerax35923084.1110/17/04
Bush Supporter or not?electrofreak200633920743.5011/15/04
Which part of military are you inparanoid330182348/29/04
Are you a Revolutionary or an Impirialist?InnerSadnessShadowAngst3288725.8812/31/04
Who are you in Derek's Presidency?hazeyskyz31810513.73/30/04
Bush or Kerry, who do you like better?dartmoorfilly31614574.2710/24/04
Are you a true Bush supporter?TheoryOfChaosxx131511614.7311/16/04
Are You Liberal or Conservative????rockfan8830917913.321/29/05
You know whats upbeauty_girl2934672.252/2/05
american politicsanarchy4ever2935067.52/13/05
The Ultimate American Testry_stoner2878753.331/25/05
What Kind of Government Are You?rockfan8828311076.31/29/05
What Month Of The Year Are You?taysami27318193.8611/6/04
Should You BE An Anarchist? For Americans, Brits and Canadians if they wantrockfan882725794.52/14/05
Are you Saddam Hussein?kickme2706042.51/8/05
Do you support Bush?garyhuhnisme26036623/11/05
bush or kerry??....lovely_death_pain_cute25515113.1611/18/04
Would You Hate JROTC? ( a military class )rockfan8825044052/20/05
HOW MUCH DO YOU HATE BUSH?rockfan88245137862/6/05
R U A TRUE AMERICAN?DoH_124242533/7/05
are you a real anarchistanarchy4ever2405858.712/14/05
Are you a conqueror or followerDoH_12393331.53/7/05
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