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» Quiz: Who are you?
Who are you?
created by julian

i have wrote a book with some of my friends. Whach character are you?

1.) this is easy: what is your favorite color?
My favorite color is green.
My favorite color is red.
My favorite color is purple.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite color is orange.
My favorite color is white.
My favorite color is black.
My favorite color is silver.
My favorite color is yellow.
My favorite color is gold.

2.) What is your favorite culture?
My favorie culture is Italy.
My favorite culture is French.
My favorite culture is America.
My favorite culture is Japanese.
My favorite culture id German.

3.) How do you spend your time?
I spend my time reading/studing.
I spend my time playing the computer.
I spend my time in jail.
I spend my time working.
I spend my time writing.

4.) If you could be one of these...
I would be a vampire.
I would be a cleric(one who can heal).
I would be a werewolf.
I would be an enchantress.
I would be a druid(one who can call upon the forces of nature).
i would be a gargoyle.
I would be a beastlord(one who can charm animals).
I would be a bard(one who can weave spells in songs).
I would ba a shaman(one who have spells that seek the aid of spirits).
I would be a human

5.) What element are you? (You can find out your element by looking at your hand. Earth- squarish palm, short fingers. Air- squarish palm, long fingers. Fire- oblong palm, short fingers. Water- oblong palm, long fingers.)
I am a earth.
I am a fire.
I am a water.
I am an air.

6.) What do you want to do with your life?
My purpose in life is to find true and everlasting love
My purpose in life is to rule the world.
My purpose in life is to obtain knowledge.
My purpose in life is to fit in.
My purpose in life is to seek revenge.
My puropse in life is to find a place I can call home.
My purpose in life is to protect those I love.
My puropse in life is make loads of money.

7.) What do you love about yourself?
I love my ability to follow my heart's desire.
I love my strength.
I love my ability to love and understand others.
I love my natural ability to help others.
I love my ability to bring peace and serenity.
I love my faithfulness.
I love my caring personality.
I love my agility.
I love everything about myself.

8.) What would be your choice of weapon?
My weapon would be a gun.
My weapon would be my claws.
My weapon would be a sword.
My weapon would be spells.
My weapon would be something else.

9.) What does your hair look like?
I have long hair(male).
I have long hair(female).
I have short hair(male).
I have short hair(female).

10.) What color hair do you have?
I have light brown hair.
I have dark brown hair.
I have blond hair.
I have black hair.
I have my hair dyed(red, green, purple,etc,).

11.) What would you wear?
I would wear something bright and vibrant.
I would wear black.
I would wear something makes be look good(stylish).
I would wear something comfortable.

12.) I hope that you have a good day. Did you like this quiz?
Yes, this quiz was wonderful.
This quiz was fair.
No i did not like this quiz.

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