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» Quiz: Which Myth Adventures character are you?
Which Myth Adventures character are you?
created by Lethal Lycan

Myth Adventures is a series by Robert Asprin and has to be one of the best fantasy fictions our there! Plus... It's rare O.o

1.) Are you the mentor or the apprentice?
Apprentice's apprentice

2.) What is most likely to be your occupation?
I was an assassin... But I prefer to help my friends out.
A kick-ass bodyguard too lethal to touch.
An axe murderer.
A job where I can help people with their problems.
Hoping dementions doing whatever gets the most money. Money is power!
Making an honest living. Mostly I just want to continue learning magic.
Unemployed. But still wanting money! Need money!... And Alcohol.

3.) Drink?
Looks innocent, "Can I PLEASE just have alcohol! I swear I'm not underage!!"
Any alcohol? I drink like a fish.
Whatever's good.
I like alcohol, but I'm not stupid about drinking it.
Maybe some wine, or water, or tea?

4.) What demon are you, in your mind...?
Klahd (human)
Prevect! Not PERVERT! (A green scaley reptile-type demon)
Prevect, but I am the definition of feminin
Person from Jahk (very pale and vary from either being overweight to underweight)
"Minikin. But I look like a child... I am an innocent little child." Smiles evilly.
Trollop (humanoid with green hair)

5.) If you had to disguise yourself, how would you do it?
I'd never need a disguise. I'm practically invisible.
I suppose as almost anything... Except I'd have to look gorgeous.
Whatever covers most of my skin.
Give me some time and I'll think of something ingenious!
I'm sure I've got some kinda gizmo that will do WONDERS.
How about I just not. Everyone recognizes me anyway.

6.) What do you think of the Myth series?
Never heard of it
It was crap.
I loved it! Big fan! Gleep! ^_^
It was... okay...
Sounds stupid. I would never touch it.
Saw it, never read it. OR I've only read a few of them but never finished the series.

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