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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What Eating Disorder Do You Have?daisychain573496766.4812/23/04
What Brand of Cigarette are You?Tamerlane5139114455.742/6/04
What piercing should you get?twztdchika894214231565.3912/5/04
Do You Suffer From Anorexia?aquaduct247241568666.328/22/04
How bad do you smell???stijntje196353733.867/26/04
Are u really fat or thincomugian_spy1903168253.556/7/04
Are you a good fighter?Lamia143494236.154/24/04
What Type of Psycho Are You?Emo_Death_Wish769109485.153/9/04
WhAt YoUr HaIr CoLoR sHoUlD bE!strwberyshake143576130583.769/9/04
Do You Have an Eating Disorder?etheral_assassin45562935.458/20/04
What hair product are you?disneylandpirate42860726.406/11/04
Which Body Part Are You?VanDrunk3842855175.238/5/04
Are you fat?Niantdogman421273052.283/20/04
Insane asylum testBakura1042060664.463/19/04
Do French People Smell?JetsToMoi3679305.631/11/05
how much do you talk to yourself?roquegaL34941267.54/9/04
How Long Will You Live?bournebebe34963332.1910/22/04
do you shit alot?melissa33347891.654/2/04
Are you overweight. (Real Results)Missk324271265.688/3/04
Depressed and suicidal or just MisunderstoodLifeSux32320206.61/23/05
Are you a skater guy ????totally_wild1432112127.512/17/04
r u insane like me(part 2)Bloody_Clown3149825.29/30/04
What's your hand???Cleo Rawna30414706.2512/15/04
Are you too heavy?IridescentBlackHole29817437.331/21/05
what eating disorder do you have?anorexic-angel28311818.751/17/05
Do you have insomnia?art_of_blood27824483.6212/1/04
What testicle are you?g0tHiK_OnE27817305.481/14/05
How does your blood taste -lick-Black_polish27411276.141/28/05
R u insane like me?Bloody_Clown25916504.539/29/04
Insane(part 3)longer QuizBloody_Clown25511331.1210/2/04
Are you healthy?BlackRose32Xx25512734.51/26/05
Which Body Part Are You?souls of the forggoten251106493.057/30/04
are you a stupid druggie??Normality2497965.451/25/05
How big are you?Aeflead24910174.52/25/05
What kind of poopie are you?ams727233362none3/11/05
What Body part are you?horsie22549660.587/1/04
What are ur farts like? (lmao)cici93220574none3/2/05
what kind of poop do u havecici9321451453/2/05
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