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» Quiz: Whitch stephen king character are you?
Whitch stephen king character are you?
created by pretty_poison

find out whitch stephen king character you are!

1.) what is your favourite thing in the whole world?
I like starting fires! they are fun! and, oh, I love my family to...
I like books. theres really not much more to do out here. and I hear strange things in the house...(HELP)
i love my typewrighter... but hey, why do you want to know?! we dont like outsiders! you were not invited to the party, so get lost!
Ballons! and popcorns... do you want one my child? i promise that it will floate...
i do not like anything... everybody hates me.

2.) if you could had a power, what would it be?
i would be a thelepathic... so i could talk to people when the phone is out.
it would defenetly have something to do whit fires... arent they beautiful?
to transform myself into diffrent things and scare people.
i dont need a power. they will help me, they promised they would. and when i become one of them, nothing can stop us.
i would want to be able to move things whit my mind, to show the bastards that bully me what pain is.

3.) do you have a problem whith authority?
I AM the autority, just try to stop me, you foolish child.
no, not at all.... we all obey the boss...
well, im not sure i trust them. not my dad anyway, he is bit strange...
yes i do! they are always trying to control things that they shouldnt...
well, im not sure... i like jesus.
dont care...

4.) would you consider yourself good or evil?
im not evil! i cant help it, i told you that!
hehehe... im as evil as they come...(evil grin)
im good... bad things scare me...
neither...but i will kill you if i have to... they told me to.
im good! but i sure as hell gonna punish you if you try anything!

5.) What would you do to punish or seek revenge on someone?
i would go and get the axe and hunt their ass down!
i would set them on fire and watch them burn.
I would scare them to death and then i would eat them!
i would outsmart them and make them do a big mistake and then point it out to them when its to late
i would make their cars crash, and i would make them suffer like I did!

6.) where do you live?
in the darkness... waiting for you...(evil grin)
whit my mother...
i live whit my father... but we havent really settled down yet...
I live whit my mom and dad... in a big house.
I live in this great big house whit all my friends and we party all the time... and, yeah, i think my wife and kid lives there to...

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