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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What Halo Character Are YOU???T3hHaloChicka12731176248.2810/16/04
Which Mortal Kombat Character Are You?Raiden536280734.8910/21/04
What Keyblade are you?kingdom_heartz_freek436566937.2910/19/04
What Color of Magic is Yours? (MTG)ShadrachVS365457037.278/19/04
Which Final Fantasy Character Are you?(BOYS)Valdar327484563.616/23/04
Which Mario Character are you?burninginthenight313155365.4611/2/04
Which Final Fantasy (7-10) Character are You?Tierce312791365.247/25/04
What Resident Evil: Outbreak character are you most like?Crimson Knight273750967.776/1/04
Which GTA: Vice City Character, are YOU?TeX247133776.3512/11/04
Which Red vs Blue Char are you?Nytraz241337758.231/11/05
Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?half_demon_inu231943566.3010/16/04
Which Chrono Trigger character are you most like?Chelsey222539855.895/27/04
Which shadow hearts character are you?mikeandnick151418274.3312/18/04
Which Final Fantasy X-2 Character Are You?Jiyu_Aifu140141678.0111/28/04
What FFX Aeon are you?Drowno123524426.1610/25/04
Do jakiego klanu nalezysz?Vampir91317273.6612/25/03
Which Next Generation Video Game Console Suits You!TeX67612575.212/11/04
Should You be Allowed to Breed?Tamerlane59391925.722/23/04
Which character from Metal Gear solid 2 are you?Emma!50328964.331/19/04
what halo character are you?SpArKy66646230984.898/8/04
WAT KINGDOM HEARTS CHAR R U?kingdom_heartz_freek44232607.2210/17/04
Which Legend of Zelda:The Ocarina of Time chick is your favorite?(Boyz only!!)TY42729546.963/23/04
What Final Fanstasy character are you?diemuthafucker42044935.507/12/04
What World Kingdom hearts world are you?kingdom_heartz_freek39021624.5510/18/04
What video game are you?diemuthafucker38874453.47/12/04
Which Sailor Scout are you?? (better then the first 1!!)Iceland13443698371.271/4/05
Which Kingdom Hearts charater are most like?Justin36313946.6412/25/04
Which Counter Strike Gun Are You?Street735063662/12/05
Are you a Terrorist or Counter Terrorist in Counter Strike? ((PICTURES))brianjoseph3417749.152/6/05
What video game r u?corwyn34021721.708/26/04
Which FF7 Char are you?VampireGod694233718866.779/12/04
Which Final Fantasy X Race Are You?Jiyu_Aifu3369487.312/5/04
Which game hero are youHirsty_89335933412/15/04
Which Sim Character are you ?Krissyelizaz3339304.812/5/04
What dare are you?Tabryd33032662.454/18/04
Which board game are you?BelaquaSilvertongue33010694.228/20/04
Are you ACTUALLY good at sportshi 238432220622.903/21/04
Which Silent Hill Demon are you?SarahrothXIX32210874.9311/17/04
What RPG Character Fit's You?KillerDreaming3171084712/20/04
what board game are u!?!StupidLilPoser3157214.511/20/04
Which suikoden2 boy r u? (PICS)bride_in_black3135693.51/5/05
What FF-10 Person are you?black_devil0013297713712/26/04
Test your knowledge of BalderdashCamelotHorse295458102/1/05
Are You Addicted To Neopets?cotten_candy2858996.3610/15/04
Which game are you?half_demon_inu2848224.1110/17/04
What Zelda Race Are You? (Pictures Included!)UlTiMaTe_CrAzY_X28468592/12/05
Which Star Ocean: till' the end of time Character are you?Goahsiu283358none3/14/05
which suikoden2 girl r u? (PICS)bride_in_black28257071/4/05
what warhammer lesser daemon are you?star player2795393.611/18/04
Zelda ocarina of time quizchanny27812897.048/28/04
What princess of heart are you?kingdom_heartz_freek27811233.8110/20/04
What FF game are you?kingdom_heartz_freek27812724.7210/20/04
Which FFX-2 girl would you fuck (guys only!)star player27327026.510/22/04
What Warhammer 40k Army are you?Blindwolf2726316.101/30/05
Which Dragon Ball Z charcter???crazyfreeq26723645.788/26/04
Which FFXI monster would you play as?Maeth2665527.6612/19/04
Which Final Fantasy Character Are You? (guys) Pictures IncludedYuna1772664347.853/7/05
What Oklahoma Slide Ranch Horse are you?!punkymonk3y2634477.511/3/04
What board game are you?lithokid9992617930.768/20/04
What are you in Star Wars Battlefront?milo8912617762.410/16/04
Which FF7 girl would you fuckstar player26122357.5211/2/04
Which bloodrayne female character are you most like?star player2605947.811/29/04
Who are you in Dragonball zZack325614294.5911/15/04
Which Final Fantasy Girl Are You? (Pics Included!)UlTiMaTe_CrAzY_X25669422/12/05
Which Halo 2 Character Are You?Street72568727.702/14/05
Which FFX-2 girl are you most suited to?star player25312458.3310/22/04
What ESRB rating are you allowed to play?X-Player2534396.661/22/05
The 80's Gamer Quizmoondog2524676.661/26/05
What is your favorite soccer league?chugs2513903.51/3/05
what would be your perfect game?star player2488664.8311/15/04
Which state of emergency character are you?star player2474769.511/15/04
What Snowboarder do you most resemble?LaurenRocksHard2464983.3311/28/04
Which Ah, My Goddess Charater Are You?LuvSora4ever24444751/29/05
Which Magic: The Gathering card are you?Dark_Donovan24440562/11/05
Find a good game for you. (PS2 owners)milo8912428403.4510/17/04
what mk character r udark scorpion5241783410/8/04
What job would you have in FFX-2?milo8912419025.8310/16/04
What Game System Do You NeedKillerDreaming241462512/24/04
What Anime R U?LuvSora4ever2418445.421/30/05
What MGS 2 character are you?death_to_druggies241303none3/8/05
What Moogle are you?kingdom_heartz_freek2399665.7110/21/04
What WoW class are you?Honeybeagle0002385547.661/29/05
What Urbz Person are you?hulaswirl2383625.62/14/05
Which Final Fantasy XI Race are you?Forsaken_Loser69623612315.217/19/04
What consule is your console?mehog125234334102/20/05
What class from everquest are you?Mother_Conffessor234347103/2/05
What HM:AWL character iz u?WeirdAssGrl2324933.3312/8/04
Ocarnia of Time Monsterscglass77723231363/11/05
What Game Consol are you?b1blancer229917710/22/04
what final fantasy XI race should you pick?lil_kinder_spirit228397none1/23/05
What final fantasy character are you?death_to_druggies2276674.832/15/05
Which FFX-2 Dressphere would you be in real life?MasterofTime227308none3/10/05
Which Grand Theft Auto game should you play?Mal_Ganis226291none3/12/05
what game charter are ublackchild221281none3/12/05
how will your life end?xo0x2kool4Uxo0x218306none3/13/05
Which tribe suits you best?Sophitia2134279.52/3/05
What Final Fantasy Guy Are You? (With Pics!)UlTiMaTe_CrAzY_X21051272/12/05
How good are you on neopets?koolkiran786209299103/1/05
Which Sailor Scout are you?Iceland13442036244.6612/15/04
Which final fantasy girl are u?trinigamer19200347none3/3/05
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