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» Quiz: Which Marauder are you destined for? and why?
Which Marauder are you destined for? and why?
created by Deamon

1.) Which House do you belong to?
Raven Claw

2.) Favorite class at Hogwarts
Defence against the dark arts

3.) What you think of Mudbloods
They are fowl creatures no worth my time
I have no problem with them, haven't meet many
I'm quite fond of them
I have no problem with them, I show them the same lack of respect I show everyone

4.) What do you like of Harry potter
evil stare - Potter!!!!
Remarkable that he is still alive really
He is a wonderful boy, sprited like his father
He has his mothers eyes
A wonderful, kind wizard

5.) Your love life with your destined one
I'm married
I like to get closer but he keeps me distant because his fears for my safty around him
We have been seperated for so long, he must keep running
He has no respect our love is that of love and hate

6.) How will his lifeend
He will be found to be woring for the dark lord
He will kill himself to save you
You will break up because he is more in love with his work and so dies alone and bitter
Long distance relationships don't work, he remains on the run, alone occasionaly writing letters untill he dies in an unmarked grave

7.) What attracts you to him
His wild animal nature, yet he is kind gentle and loves you
His long beautiful hair, his bloodline and wealth
His lack of respect, dedication to his work. His hair and nose
His love for his friends, his willingness to give up everything for you, his wild untamed hair

8.) His Faults
You can never have a moonlite walk or dinner
His hatred for Mudbloods and muggles
His obsession with a certain student
He is on the run

9.) How will he suduce you
He would take you out to an expensive restuarnt and buy you expensive gifts
He would ask you to come do some extra studying with him after class in his dungons
He would take you dancing and anywhere during the day that you wanted to go
He would show you his new hiding place, and how sucluded and romantic it is

10.) You hope you get
Remus Lupin
Lucius Malfoy
Severus Snape
Sirius Black

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