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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What animal dose your birth month reval to you?elephant_lover11697194505.108/18/04
What horse breed suits your personality?chimes10772142796.3310/30/04
Which Horse Color Is The Real You???johndeere741986497.6511/24/04
What animal-spirit lives inside of you?Kuschelmaus6274207986.509/25/04
What breed of HORSE matches your personality ?FoxyRoxy5536213745.764/16/04
What type of wolf are you?Cleo Rawna512872378.5410/29/04
Wich Horse are you from the spirit stallion of the cimarron movie?Spirit_rules5053115204.989/12/04
Are you a true horse lover?FoxyRoxy4839112637.544/16/04
What's Your Ideal Horse?Fain Sadi389248266.257/10/04
What legendary animal are you?PrincessLily38435568811/28/04
What horse career suits you best?chimes367351325.3810/31/04
What breed of horse should you own?Horse_luver923485377171/9/05
What Horse Career suits you?iloveakke346643917.3211/19/04
What Phantom Stallion Horse are you?JollyRancher344439796.8511/13/04
What Saddle Club Character are you?quarab3380106577.228/4/04
What Kind of Pussy are youSugar Free335197564.515/27/04
What Movie Horse Are You?DressageFreak25305438597.331/12/05
What Thoroughbred horse are you?Beckers297930839.51/6/05
What animal were you in a past life?d4rk_mew2863149496.519/8/04
What Spirit Animal Guides You?Smylee82264958437.131/15/05
What Saddle Club Horse are youquarab255394607.498/4/04
What animal are youpolarbear_32529619525.514/10/04
Do You like riding western or english better?wildcowgirl90248734166.037/10/04
WHAT PONY PAL ARE YOU????quarab230440606.388/23/04
What animal are u?????sandy94197270714.027/16/04
What elemental wolf are you?Nemi1964102737.261/2/04
What Kind of Rider Are You?CanYouCatchABreeze193522727.2512/23/04
what wild animal are u????ready2cyber69192344675.356/13/04
What animal are you?HorseCrazy2174345455.135/15/04
Which Animal are you?baree33090172719566.6612/11/04
Horse Knowledge Quiz!rbbhorsegirl150396967.777/14/04
What Type of Horse Would Suit You?abcd1234horselandparis132625197.1312/4/04
WHAT COLOR FOAL ARE YOU?quarab1235101166.778/3/04
How much do you love horses?cotten_candy113015255.668/26/04
WHAT CUTE LITTLE UNICORN ARE YOU???quarab1091160166.198/6/04
Which Character from Guardians of Ga'hoole are you?Diamond Bar Ranch101211417.5711/4/04
What kind of chicken are you???Goblin81274555.8711/20/03
What kind of cat are you?Grass!777144725.827/6/04
What Is Your Horse I.Q.?Painted_Filly0474546637.3810/26/04
What cat R U?Kiwikat171366310277.6610/31/04
What type of cat are you?taysami5672652710/3/04
What Mystical, All Powerful equine are you?Horsehowler1856240206.483/10/04
Which Quarter Horse Legend R U?johndeere55638247.7110/5/04
Find out what horse breed you really arerbbhorsegirl544107307.017/11/04
What animal are you? Please find out!horsesarecool0552541247.427/15/04
Wut sexy animal r uthe_horse_gurl52125834.41/28/05
Which Breed of Horse Matches Your Personality?Cabaletta47811046.948/12/04
What werid animal mutation are you? (w/ pictures)SquirrelCrossings47650646.048/19/04
What Breed Of Horse Are You???ponyluver226472142865.4912/27/03
what breed of dog do u most resemble..out of these choices? 1 part test!korn69447713710/27/04
would u be a good horse owner?sandy9443334156.828/29/04
How animal smart are you?migitraffe42112190.6510/2/04
What breed of horse are you most like?thoroughbredgirl10416522711/25/04
What Griffin Valley horse are you?Beckers41553251/7/05
what type of dog are you (with pics)crazy_cat41360614.396/15/04
If you were a horse.......Kadisha410491none1/5/05
What Horse R UMy_Horsey_Is_Lingo40537946.336/18/04
You are the horse! With Coooool Pictures!!!!!!!!!funkypony4057747.4211/27/04
What type of horse should you breed on HorseLand?abcd1234horselandparis4055513.212/29/04
What do you ride?Kentucky_Wild_n_Western40319235.53/12/04
How Smart Is Your Horse??????chimes4008802.2810/30/04
what Flying Monkey are you?wolfie_vempca3999755.85/15/04
What Breed of Horse are you?Snowy Acres (789436)39921127.126/1/04
What kind of skunk are you? with shocking resultsI_Am_Mr_Skunk_XoXo3995693.69/5/04
What Horse Breed are You?horselovers39753246.744/29/04
Which bird are you?Coleo39517245.512/21/03
What Horse Breed are You?the_bridle_path3945968.212/13/04
What horse at my stable is most like you?thoroughbredgirl103885647.5711/25/04
What horse breed are you?Showstoppers37521116.406/17/04
how much do you know about horses?Goginger1337346809/19/04
How Much Do YOU Know about the Arabian?Painted_Filly0436916616.8910/26/04
Are you strict or gentle with horses?horse_princess_eca3644746.512/22/04
What Horse are You at Freedom Gate Farm?lacey5243624413.259/25/04
How Horsey Are You?Nikki7236247451/8/05
What animal are you?DarkWolf3555035.89/10/04
What Greenhithe R.D.A horse are you?Khayam354394711/27/04
Could you be a wolf?Kaya35259817.466/29/04
Which of my pets are you?_snicker_34950989/8/04
What breed of horse are you?BunnyFooFoo34640451/9/05
What pet of mine r uready2cyber6934362356/10/04
What member of the Hyaenidae family would you be?Palomino88343396none1/6/05
What Type of Horse are you?!Jarmeyc34032497.587/24/04
What Horse Breed Are You Most Likely 2 Be?Useless Blob33917546.097/14/04
What Wild Animal Are You?Moo_Moo33937366.818/9/04
The Monkey Game :D:P I OWN U :P3376218.6210/27/04
What Kind Of Dog Are You?snipzig33616784.667/29/04
If you were a horse, what sport would u do?sandy9433437285.359/1/04
What is yer true horse color?!quarterhrsgal3345397.5510/5/04
What breed of horse are you????beckylovesdez333440510/20/04
What horse breed are you? Find out now!horsesarecool0533210975.116/17/04
Which Draft Horse Are You?catwoman6jmf331378none11/23/04
What Mystical Animal Are You?Akira328485none1/5/05
What horse are yu at my stables?Icy Moon Frost Luver32141508/13/04
What basic breed of Horse are you?JokerLover3206247.0510/15/04
Are you an Arabian or a Thoroughbred? with pictureslove-hockey133205487.831/2/05
Which Bubblegum Animal Character are you??????Pinkwolf317686611/18/04
Whats Your Inner DogVampiricPrincess3175097.8511/28/04
What breed of horse are you?dartmoorfilly3135655.57/25/04
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