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» Quiz: Which Anime Guy from my story r u?
Which Anime Guy from my story r u?
created by Shinigami_Lucifer

1.) Fav. color?
Red! like the color of my pizza as it burst into flames!
i like a ton of colors!
Blue-ish, black-ish, like the color of my wrist after they...broke it...
Yellow....it sorta reminds me of fire....kinda
Any color!
don't have one
if i had to choose...green
white, i guess
it's a waste of my time to think about such pitiful things like colors

2.) fav. subject?
Gym, if it was a subject
English...i like to write....and read....
science...we get to burn things!
...i told u it's a stupid question!

3.) if you saw someone getting beat up in an ally you would...
beat the shit out of the person who was beating the shit outta the other person!
stand by in the shadows and watch....then my emotions would win and that s.o.b. would be dead before he hit the ground...
i would run off and find the nearest police officer
beat the shit out of both of them!
try and help, if i can't do much then i'll go and find help

4.) if someone called you a sissy you would....
not even look at them....they don't have to remind me of my weaknesses
laugh it off then make a whitty come-back
drag them outside and introduce them to my fist 100 times over
tell them to stop lableing people
ignore them

5.) favorite thing to do during the week or on the weekend?
play with my dad's lighter and see how many things i can burn!
listen to depressing music...
hang out with my friends
sleep in
have fun
night clubs
practice my drum skills
go to the beach
watch tv every now and them
take a walk

6.) family life?
i live with my dad, and we're friends
i live my mom my dad and my 2 sisters, a happy family in general
i've got my parents and my little brother, that's all i ever need besides my friends
family? oh u mean the things my friends have? i live with my dad and every day it's like coming home to hell....but i don't tell anyone that tiny fact
pretty normal....well...sorta

7.) Did u like this quiz?
where u talking to me? sorry i was too busy burning something
yes i loved it and i'm gonna take it again and then tell all my friends about it!
it was....okay, i could have been better
it should go to hell!
....it was nice.....not like my opinion matters though...

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