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» Quiz: which band are you?
which band are you?
created by PhilRulez

this quiz is so stupid, but i had to do it.

1.) what kinda song lyrics do you like?
songs about stabbing people and circuses
songs about being heart broken and stuff like that
I told you 'fuck the world', and i meant it, i owe the government money, but i spent it!
anything about being happy, or somethign fruity like that

2.) what type of music do you like?
anything from the underground
music that calls itself punk, or rock, but it's actually just a bunch of losers who sing pop music with some guitars in it
whatever's on MTV
anything that doesn't SUCK

3.) pick one
Blaze ya Dead Homie
Anybody Killa
Zug Izland
most, or all of the above
Good Charlotte

4.) pick an object
designer clothing

5.) you're a scrub. what do you do?
there's millions just like me, they're my homies for life
go cry about it because i'm not popular and all the trendy kids hate me and my whole life is about fitting in with assholes
Hold your hatchet high and be proud
the first and third choices
give in to no one liking me and become some sort of emo loser

6.) this quiz is intended to be a joke. how seriously are you going to take it?
i'm gonna rate you a zero, you jerk!
i'm gonna cry because you probably insulted me
good shit
i'm gonna take it seriously to the point where i'm gonna forget about it and go do something cool like take a dump
I live for the carnival, I die for the carnival, I pray for the carnival, please take me away quiz? what quiz?

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