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» Quiz: Which of the main characters from my story are you?
Which of the main characters from my story are you?
created by Corrupt Angel

There's three main characters in the story I'm writing. Which one are you? (My first quiz!)

1.) What's your favourite colour?
Dark purple

2.) Would you ever kill someone?
I tried to kill that preppy bitch at school, and myself. I always stopped for some reason....
I've killed a few people before.
Only if I absolutly had to.

3.) Your neighbour's house is on fire! What do you do?
Help them! I swear I didn't mean to set it on fire!
Watch until people start to come.
Stand and laugh. I started it after all.

4.) How's life?
Life? Life ends. Hopefully I'll know who I am before mine ends...
Life was okay until he left....
Life sucks ass! Why won't I die?!

5.) Where do you live?
In a tiny, shitty house.
I'm always on the run. I can't stop or they'll find me...
On an island in a huge crome labratory.

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