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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which Spice Girl Are You?slimshady_butterfly144401263645.3610/23/04
Which famous actress are you?Scheherazade10449632135.186/15/04
Girls: Which Bollywood Actor would you like?QuEeNz_CuTiE808594726.512/29/04
What mutant X-Men are you?JEANGREY2004491964303.7112/12/04
WuT tEEn aCtreSS/Pop sTar R U??Technologicque2843268344.209/1/04
Which *~*:PoP StAr DiVa:*~* are you?lalalahollywood2681125106.4510/28/04
Are you Nicole Paris or both...(some pics)semperfi_usmarinesgirl2216150474.3012/26/04
Which WWE wrestler are you?BookerMac218871446.734/24/04
What Final Fantasy X/X-2 Girl Are You?Technologicque204779217.918/13/04
WHAT FAMOUS ACTOR ARE YOU? (BOYS ONLY)taysami194646396.3611/25/04
WHICH BUSTED BOY ARE YOU?Black Rose174139917.141/2/04
Who is you celebrity hunk?LoLa1621108497.0311/6/04
What Crazy Broadway Diva are you?Manderz1555276459/10/04
Which rapper would you be?glitterdust071500119365.222/12/04
What famous actor will you marry?Pedro110429394.461/12/05
Which Pop-princess are you?~NirvanaBaybee~110067455.438/9/04
Which Amy Lee (of Evanescence) picture are you?LaDiablo108535597.811/9/05
True or False celebs quizrebeccaj107333273.087/24/04
What hottie will you marry?corwyn958251994.958/25/04
which Dave Chappelle character are you?genocide_the_clown83759025.097/2/04
Which Syndicated Radio Talkshow Host Are You?zen64864095.645/5/04
***~*~*~****What magazine are you? Time, Vogue, Seventeen, etc?disneylandpirate63577385.087/3/04
Which Broadway character are you?robscool60538173.392/23/04
Which FEMALE Celeb do you relate to most?MmmMiKES!580566484.7510/18/04
Which HOT guy movie star are you?(guyz only)CuteBlondie1253922212.661/1/05
whos your celeb best friendemo4life46332955.1612/13/04
Which Comedian Are You?dancingrooster0846021545.88/28/04
Which i'm a celebrity get me out of here 4 (2004) female would be perfect for you?vampyrx4439178.3312/1/04
What Famous Star are you? (Girlz Quiz)CuteBlondie12421421841/1/05
Whose your punk rocker boyfriend?RiddlinKid41236796.662/12/05
Are you a huge fan of Johnny depp?ana_goddess40839067.349/10/04
WHAT STYLE OF GWEN STEFANI ARE YOU?gwenstefanilamb40126337.881/9/05
Which guy would you date??ceedee3987597.332/23/05
What type of celebrity are you?jmgolden28639611566.21/5/05
how well do you know eminem?blink182chick39230267.8910/23/04
Donny or Marie Osmond?Straviticus39010184.0811/22/03
Which Role Model should You have? (grl celebz)weedygrlz384134015.169/5/04
What Stupid Spoiled Whore R U?6th_Spice_Girl38331497.161/10/05
how well do u no johnny depp?depplyinluv023817556.61/9/05
What BURNETTE FEMALE celebirty r u?Jennifer_Gurly5236293482.8112/25/04
What movie r u?danibonanie35813784.282/27/05
WhichSeth Green character r U??No Cakes Dru35623126.153/2/04
What Spice Girl r u most like?StabUwithSissors35171695.639/26/04
How well do you know Kurt Cobain..............Cute_but_Psycho35013867.4611/24/04
Which Disney Princess are you?blu_tearz3502848512/30/04
Are You A Genius?Icarus3508737.61/13/05
Are you Britney Spears or Christina Aguleira?xdn07x34699914.938/21/04
what popstar/ celebrity are youdeath1616163422894511/29/04
How much do you know about Jesse McCartney?polarbear_334258488.4712/4/04
Are you good at sex or do you suck ?the_forgotten_one340554103/10/05
Which celeberty are you most like? (FOR GIRLS)sexibrunette200533883375.2212/19/04
Which celeb girl are you related to?~Angel~33694405.528/24/04
WHIch STUPID CelEberItY mUgSHot aRe YOu((PICTURES/BOYS ONLY)))*.:PreCIouS:.*335108672.5310/31/04
Which i'm a celebrity get me out of here 4 (2004) male would be perfect for you?vampyrx33210187.3612/1/04
what annoying celebrity are you?XxNgSmxX32837865.228/27/04
Which Disney Movie Surfer Are you?ChickenSandwich32312527.431/9/05
what disney villan are youspider_wick32169410.875/8/04
what would u get the best sex out of?Trevor55553211688012/18/04
what celeb r u?hilary31736822.858/25/04
Who's done on Celeb Mole?redbirdoftheworld31475501/19/04
WHICH FAMOUS PERSON IS YOU SOUL MATEtinkler31367002.3110/5/04
Who would be your rebel prom date?laritta31386951/22/05
!!!!Which Catherine Zeta Jones character are you most like?!!!!CZJfan9253121121912/22/04
are you gayHELLreJECT30822491.422/25/04
Who Is Your Soul Mate?crockHUNT3R30717875.111/5/05
How well do you know Brad Pitt?rebeccaj30612654.937/24/04
Who is the best singer in Taiwan?justice30513375.893/21/04
wich scary celebretie are you?Capone2230484351/6/05
What Kind Of Carl Are You?JetsToMoi29449651/9/05
what classic pinup r uJennifer_Gurly522931070412/31/04
which rapper r u lyk?SeXyMe69692928173.51/19/05
How much do you know about Beyonce?cool_cute_girl29115866.368/13/04
How Well Do you Know Eminem?clueless_cheese29110906.7512/14/04
what Harry Potter charachter are YOU?????love-hockey1329115025.8312/30/04
How well do you know Good Charlotte?MyChemicalRomance29027387.728/24/04
HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW JAKE GYLLENHAAL?iluvjakegyllenhaal2895678.0712/2/04
wHiCh OLSEN TWIN r u??? (((pix)))unuglyduckling2928531698.622/20/05
what kind of wrestler you areMarc_Hockey1328081878/10/04
Which Sugarcult Bandmember are you?MyHipsAreIllegal2806526.811/19/04
Do you have a crush on Joel from GC?DarkAngel71927910958.3310/19/04
How well do you know Marilyn Manson?sweetsixsixsix27416636.7711/6/04
Which Good Charlotte Member Are You?Zen_Dragon27131037.118/6/04
Which Linkin Park Member are You?Goahsiu27135483/14/05
Should Danial Radcliffe and Emma Watson Get Together?hermione455426917885.288/20/04
What Male Hottie Should You Be With ?jaimee110226876646.531/24/05
Which Celebrity can you marry?clueless_cheese26744761.4611/16/04
Which Celebrity Will You Kill?!TheFishBowl9126726653.461/29/05
which GC. twin will You have a child with?ctina_8726313197.161/3/05
Who is your Hollywood movie star soulmate? (for girls)Pink_Flower25816626.61/24/05
Do you know Weird Al Yankovic?RapeMe93_Nirvana255370102/14/05
Are u HILARY or LINDSAY?ElsaMorganthol254726103/8/05
Are you in love with Jake Gyllenhaal OR Eminem? (Pics)clueless_cheese25319546.811/29/04
who's your favorite band?blackgothicblood25221701.6111/25/04
Which WWE wrestler are youVampiress142526134.281/2/05
Wich Standup comedian are you?foxxyGpa72246578512/9/04
Which Celeb are u? (girls only)L0LL1 pR1Nc3sS24327423.510/3/04
which of my friends are you?Stitch30124111323.510/16/04
What kind of CELEBRITY should you be?rockfan88235850102/16/05
does he really like u or just wants to beat cheeks? (grrls only)XxstranglexX66623424443.6510/2/04
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