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» Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
created by Tessa

A quiz which tells you which HP character you are (images to be added later)

1.) Which house do you like best?

2.) What do you like to do with your spare time?
Learn, study, read, learn, study .... uh, did I meantion I like to read?
Play Quidditch of course!
Taking points from other houses.
Bully everone who's not a Slytherin
Go to hogsmaede and buy candy

3.) You're in class. One of the professors asks a question, what do you do?
You put your hand up in the air immediately. What an easy question that is.
You snicker about that girl who always knows the answer.
You hit yourself behind one of your books.

4.) What do you look like?
You have brownish hair, glasses and a scar
You have red hair, and lots of brothers and one sister
You have unruly brown hair and are a muggle.
You have blond hair. you're a pureblood and have a malicious smile.
You're getting old, have grey long hair and a long beard.
You have a serious look on your face and wear glasses
You have a pale skin, wear black clothes all the time and have greasy hair.

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