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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
The Wildest, Craziest, Most Massive Quiz Ever!zen30206892635.202/21/04
Which Playing Card Are You?zen16271584925.3411/21/03
Which Detective Conan Character Are You? (Jap Names)X_Jimmy_Kudo_X13610164577.578/19/04
What branch of the U.S. military is for you?Kodama710693216.765/16/04
What color are you?Kiwikat1713602786786.3512/5/04
What does your soul look like?Robyn_The_Lost_Soul482963737.6610/15/04
What Fruits basket character are you!?!shadowflamecat309040725.0512/10/04
How Much Do YOU Hate Your Parents????Gothic Bitch285568636.453/30/04
What Style of Gothic Beauty Are You?Morbid_Lust2541102077.727/28/04
What group of people do you fit into?ImaginaryFallenAngel2346298915.213/19/04
Am I gay? (Guys only)drewjsph021895126375.423/11/04
Which Sexy Bitch are you?Usanavy0318893845610/23/04
What kind of Flower Fairy are you???Pinkwolf18732581711/16/04
Which Anime Male are you?KrizalidmkII185829987.067/7/04
Which BARBIE doll are youcheekygirl1835143944.569/4/04
real skateboarder or just a dumb poser?lovely_death_pain_cute179734726.5611/13/04
Which Warcraft 3 hero are you?Draco_volans171723987.317/4/04
What main anime character r u most like?Werewolf_Inuyasha170323222.7511/20/04
Which Inuyasha Character Are You?Kagz-Chan~167694396.663/28/04
Which Hellsing Character Are you????dreamingdark158633806.548/11/04
Yet Another "Could You Be My Girlfriend" quizbitter155528938.1711/28/04
Would you survive abandoned on a deserted island?ShadowingWillow693516996.379/21/04
What Secret Window Character Are You?Kentucky_Wild_n_Western84318107.633/30/04
Devil or Angel?Kiwikat171372731977.6612/6/04
What Happy Bunny saying r u?taysami706216865.0410/16/04
who of the ppl i know are you? YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!silent-ancient59616174.8312/1/04
If you were a pair of panties which kind would u be?emo4life59119924.7512/13/04
Which astrological sign are you bound to?counterfeit_reality58763525.269/30/04
ARE YOU A HIPPYhippo56328984.223/25/04
What Kingdom Hearts Character are you?GRMooMoo56223357.5210/4/04
Which yu-gi-oh character should you kill?deathangel55138665.092/11/04
Which Legacy of kain charechter are youjubei52010057.614/8/04
Which member of the Glenbrook Posse/W.T.A. are you most like?Clifton7215086594.43/26/04
what does your letter of your first name mreally mean? ((real facts))lovely_death_pain_cute502121522.3611/14/04
Which embarassing Clothing incident are you?paperbox498119168/20/04
What type of Pokemon are you?Pinkwolf49222853.6710/8/04
What's your ghetto name?dorksucker48825208.253/6/05
The Thirteen Dead Kids Zodiac!!GraveGhoul487276756/17/04
Whats your favorite word TO SAY TO OTHER PEOPLEhippo48565514.223/24/04
Are you insane or normal?Shadowgirl99048129015.163/30/04
Which sailor moon character are you?deathangel47675126.442/12/04
What colour of Angel are you? (w/ doll pics)Toucan47436715.389/27/04
Which "Peter Pan" character are you?Littrix47149657.055/28/04
What vampire are youo0xxHaunted-Physcoxx0o465142326.772/19/04
What Summer Role Have You?Tabryd46414836.214/20/04
A date w/Sesshomaru (1)xXKikyo1990Xx46311726.9611/29/04
What Would U Most Likely Throw Through A Window?ponyluver22645532173.252/9/04
Are you Goth? (for guys)Blackvelvetangel4538158.61/8/05
How to kill Anzu Masakideathangel45014245.22/13/04
Which One of My Gay Friends Are You?tentwoeightysix4399117.7211/5/04
Will you go to heaven or hell?Niantdogman42154784.663/20/04
What type of person are you? GIRLS ONLYmiss60babe41659153.224/21/04
Which SuperVillian are you?Xelibri41480706.394/6/04
What will you die from?SquirrelCrossings41312967.108/18/04
WHAT TYPE OF RODENT ARE YOU?hippo40311685.53/26/04
What Annoying KCRF Character Are You?DARKJESTER4037976.1411/2/04
Which Hunter are youjubei4018475.444/7/04
What type of sock are you?taysami38125965.6110/5/04
Which of my friends are you?goodbye_stranger378445none1/15/05
What member of Zenhex are you?teh Rev.37714372.3711/20/03
What are you?.:The.Used:.37369171/3/05
would you ever kill yourself?imsoalone37239656.242/9/04
do you got guts? can you save da world?Sejiph3695405.6611/28/04
Which one of my fingers are you?Emo_Death_Wish36525954.893/21/04
How idiotic are you?horselovers36412404.454/27/04
What is your Identity Crisis?changproject36211025.464/21/04
What's your Style?xxx_playitstraight36111636.851/4/05
What kind of gem are you?mjcool8235830086.448/8/04
Will you ever find the meaning of life?The Count35351726.174/30/04
Fight Quiz part 1The Count35236751.434/30/04
Who are you? (this ACTUALLY tells you who you are)L.A348205402.717/31/04
which outer senshi are you?daydreamer273475448.512/24/04
Which one of my demon friends are you most like?dragonfire616346436512/17/04
Do you get mad too easily?I * am * Lost*34321186.044/21/04
stupid test results are stupid, this test should die! (date test)Sejiph341563611/21/04
Which Pro Skater are you?_bloodwork_336986512/31/04
Which Anime Convention Should You Attend?RamenDoodles3346666.47/12/04
Could you be in my band?Shirk334532510/30/04
How do you think you are going to die?hippo33016212.43/25/04
test your manlynessblackRainbow32912285.547/20/04
what spiecies are you?ChaosGuide32946157/31/04
What Is Your Group/Theme?BloodyRage327790511/20/04
Another Random QuizI * am * Lost*32611384.73/14/04
What thirteen dead kid are u?StitcheS325487712/17/04
Would You Survive In The Depths Of My Room?MorbidSuicide666322256174/25/04
R you hardcore down wit tha clown juggalo?Skittelz_Tha_Killa_Clown3226227.5510/8/04
Which D&D Character are You?Bretford317449510/27/04
Which way would you kill Paris Hilton??Dramaloser4523097107.510/18/04
Would you survive a zombie outbreak?XxXPyroPhobiaXxX3085988.51/9/05
what is your future CareerDUck30515703.537/21/04
Which BubbleGum character are you? (girls)Pinkwolf302736510/10/04
What will your name be in your next life? (glz only)Danielle0130112083.359/5/04
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