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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
The Wildest, Craziest, Most Massive Quiz Ever!zen191912935.202/21/04
Which Detective Conan Character Are You? (Jap Names)X_Jimmy_Kudo_X96178277.578/19/04
Which Playing Card Are You?zen58592175.3411/21/03
How Much Do YOU Hate Your Parents????Gothic Bitch3771206.453/30/04
What color are you?Kiwikat17133590266.3512/5/04
Which Warcraft 3 hero are you?Draco_volans3126927.317/4/04
What LABEL will your FUTURE KIDS have?????rockfan882514008.42/23/05
What vampire are youo0xxHaunted-Physcoxx0o24143546.772/19/04
Which Anime Convention Should You Attend?RamenDoodles227666.47/12/04
What Style of Gothic Beauty Are You?Morbid_Lust22103627.727/28/04
Could you be in my band?Shirk22639510/30/04
What branch of the U.S. military is for you?Kodama2198626.765/16/04
Which Anime Male are you?KrizalidmkII2031777.067/7/04
Which Sexy Bitch are you?Usanavy03204021610/23/04
which friend of my are u ?the_bruised_moon66620416102/14/05
What's your ghetto name?dorksucker1926458.253/6/05
Am I gay? (Guys only)drewjsph0218127635.423/11/04
What group of people do you fit into?ImaginaryFallenAngel16300045.213/19/04
Which astrological sign are you bound to?counterfeit_reality1664705.269/30/04
whats your colorsara162395.211/19/04
What main anime character r u most like?Werewolf_Inuyasha1624692.7511/20/04
Alaze' Marshalls and friendsLilmissymonkey20041540552/15/04
Which Legacy of kain charechter are youjubei1511017.614/8/04
confusled i amTY155864.914/10/04
Which Hellsing Character Are you????dreamingdark1534776.548/11/04
What Kingdom Hearts Character are you?GRMooMoo1524247.5210/4/04
what does your letter of your first name mreally mean? ((real facts))lovely_death_pain_cute15122702.3611/14/04
If you were a pair of panties which kind would u be?emo4life1520844.7512/13/04
Which sailor moon character are you?deathangel1476216.442/12/04
dO yOU kNOW THE wAY TO uSE eBAYhippo145422.23/24/04
What does your soul look like?Robyn_The_Lost_Soul1467127.6610/15/04
ARE YOU A HIPPYhippo1330154.223/25/04
Which Hunter are youjubei139345.444/7/04
Ahhhhh!!!!This One Girl138535.084/24/04
Do you like our website??horselover21135073.427/8/04
skater, or poserbig_balls1231139755.867/10/04
What kind of Flower Fairy are you???Pinkwolf132673711/16/04
Which Pro Skater are you?_bloodwork_131107512/31/04
ULTIMATE ANIME QUIZ!!!!emilly138747.62/5/05
do i hate ustickdudes1220590.852/6/04
Random QuizI * am * Lost*1213914.873/13/04
Are you like my friendz? (girls only!!)TY1210045.853/22/04
Whats your favorite word TO SAY TO OTHER PEOPLEhippo1266394.223/24/04
What Secret Window Character Are You?Kentucky_Wild_n_Western1218977.633/30/04
What Summer Role Have You?Tabryd1215846.214/20/04
What type of person are you? GIRLS ONLYmiss60babe1260143.224/21/04
r u my type?( guys only)dark_angelchick151213764.59/2/04
the october Qiuzvampyre66612281none10/27/04
which outer senshi are you?daydreamer27126638.512/24/04
Who Wants To Win 5 dollars (game show)redbirdoftheworld1198831/19/04
WHAT TYPE OF RODENT ARE YOU?hippo1112565.53/26/04
Are you loved by many?miss60babe1114993.054/20/04
Will you ever find the meaning of life?The Count1152566.174/30/04
Which Type Of Genga's Friend Are You?Genga113235.255/26/04
Who do you relate in Psychopathic Records?Insane_Twiztid_Child17116527.6110/9/04
what should your name be(girls only)shit_for_brains49568031118522.8410/13/04
Which one of my RP cherries are you??Tychanbakaneko112913.511/17/04
who of the ppl i know are you? YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!silent-ancient1117774.8312/1/04
R U an iceman from Pluto??imconfused?11434none12/13/04
What are you?.:The.Used:.1178671/3/05
Are you Goth? (for guys)Blackvelvetangel118888.61/8/05
WHAT PURSE FITS U THE BEST???roxychick1130952/5/05
What are you?gothygal1123252/13/05
Are U An Anarchicist?amndfyblckore1511563102/16/05
do you like homeworkwhatShouldUsBe1054742/17/04
are you a pervert?melissa1039354.63/31/04
The Thirteen Dead Kids Zodiac!!GraveGhoul10284456/17/04
Which Super Villain Are You?I_Kill_puppies!!1076958/6/04
How maney precent are you sponky ?.sp0nky10240511/18/04
How well do you know Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi?ILoVeAuBrEyGrAhAm10229012/29/04
Would you be accepted in Dexter, the messed up place where I live?MeAFreak997241/27/04
What Would U Most Likely Throw Through A Window?ponyluver226932903.252/9/04
Random QuizI * am * Lost*97475.713/16/04
Which of the characters of my wild imagination are you?TY910226.713/25/04
How do you think you are going to die?hippo916852.43/25/04
WHAT KIND OF A PERSON ARE YOUhippo917280.923/25/04
What color is your poo?hippo9220473/30/04
Which SuperVillian are you?Xelibri981526.394/6/04
which god r ubigpig101914715.284/8/04
Which game ninja are youjubei96234.334/10/04
Witch one of my friends are you?(girls only)CanadianIdiot9238none10/12/04
do u really know me?lordxblack9194511/18/04
Which of the people I IM are you most like?blubpancake999208none2/15/05
Which yu-gi-oh character should you kill?deathangel839265.092/11/04
Will you go to heaven or hell?Niantdogman855594.663/20/04
Ac Ty where are you?hippo843103/27/04
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