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» Quiz: Which 8-Bit theater character are you?
Which 8-Bit theater character are you?
created by PhilRulez


1.) you are fighting some monsters... what's your battle strategy?
come up with a ridiculously complex plan that will probably fail
i'll use my body as a weapon
steal their money and run like hell
i'd offer em cookies in a pathetic attempt at being evil
BLAST EM ALL! make them suffer! DIE DIE DIE DIE! everyone's gonna die!
i'd help heal the wounded
ask my right hand man, Rodney the Coffee Stain for advice

2.) finish this sentence... i like...
killing innocent children, the weak, and the elderly. and bringing pain and misery!
stealing and legal loopholes in my favor
maximizing my stats and rolling dice!
helping people
ruling with an iron fist! but still being nice
shoes made out of babies!
martial arts

3.) who would your idol most likely be?
Bruce Lee
anyone who memorized every D&D rulebook in existence
Florence Nightingale
anyone who likes swords and shiny objects
the God Chaos!
Robin Hood! except for the giving to the poor...
Evil Princess Sara... she's so good at being evil
anyone who votes for me in the election! even though i'm KING!
this isn't an answer. if you select this, you are truly an idiot and not worthy of taking this quiz. you will be brutally stabbed

4.) i dislike/fear...
black mage looking at my boobs
anyone who disagrees with my policies for Corneria!
rolling a 1
not having swords
poor people with nothing worth taking
losing the election

5.) if you had to pick one, which would you wear?
heavy armor. NO ONE can damage me
cool looking evil armor
a simple martial arts outfit
dark robes that cover me and obscure my face from view
anything light, so i can sneak around
my red hat which boosts my charisma score
simple, modest white robes
my crown and lavish royal garments

6.) like the quiz?
i like swords
i hated it! would you like some cookies?
NO! now prepare yourself for stabbity death!
well, contractually... all the answers anyone gives to this quiz belong to ME
if i say yes, will it boost my charisma?
not really... vote KING STEVE!
it was great
not enough kung-fu fighting

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