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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What Constellation are you?Bride of the Shadow Lord478872685.3810/26/04
Are You A Beach Bum?xbloodytearsx420108723216.927/16/04
What element are you?Ferret94453905.311/31/04
Natural Disasterszen644132475.635/11/04
How good are your Survival skills...?wildcowgirl9056720884.668/3/04
What natural disaster are you?polarbear_354872534.394/10/04
What Form of Foul Pollution Are You?omegadrax52817936.225/29/04
Which element suits you mostEvil Bitch Girl44222605.714/18/04
The Animal Sign QuizStoned_Spyder_0-Thousand41432484.758/8/04
What Color Rose are You?The Hick Mary Jane38069245.510/2/04
What is your Element?Funny_Bunny37530126.378/25/04
Which element are you?Lamia35929576.423/15/04
Where should you go on vacation?iloveakke3411112611/30/04
Which Jubilant Horses Chararcter Are You?whateveritsmeh3375987.251/11/05
Why are you a vegetarian/vegan?jumpinglegacy32214996.1712/30/04
What kind of pokemon are you.conker666631711773.6312/31/04
Which Element Are You?Stoned_Spyder_0-Thousand31532965.918/8/04
what element are youdeath1616163127793.6612/19/04
What snake are you?eg57299395none3/13/05
Dont Click Here 9theunknownvampire9329710364.211/29/04
What tree are you?Gistle29217071.48/18/04
What Season r u?ILOVEHORSES28628235.289/29/04
The REAL element quiz. . .BunnyBreath3422849973.541/20/05
What type of tropical thing are you?cyench142766284.52/18/05
which butterfly are youDarkDragon10125452972/28/05
What kind of bug are you?Mousey24911963.198/9/04
What element are you?Black-Kitsune-sama2413427.53/13/05
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