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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What is your ideal anime boyfriend?Gistle6376128156.48/3/04
Should I get my tongue pierced? (with pix)PinkFetish4982191767.858/10/04
What type of body art are you?mandijo22244774605.158/6/04
Which Victoria's Secret Angel are you?bradlyschaos1736778896.662/5/05
What Perfume Are You?!((pics))!xlittlexblondiex1695373496.7212/27/04
WHATS UR BEAUTY PERSONALITY??????????????????/xxFallenAngelxx152895824.505/11/04
How blond are you?Belle13231516974.1711/22/04
What Flavor of Lip Gloss are you?baby_tiger011059120476.4310/14/04
what kind of whore are you?bite_me_harder87153310.51/1/05
Which Hair Color Are You?Emo_Death_Wish777261435.214/24/04
What American High-School steriotype are you ?FoxyRoxy707657413.874/16/04
What lipcolor best showcases your personality?Scheherazade673118353.976/15/04
What purse is perfect for you?xlittlexblondiex640362955.3712/28/04
How Vain Are You?Airdweia625913377/28/04
WHAT DESIGNER ARE YOU?xlittlexblondiex624213937.0412/27/04
What tattoo should you have?sweetsixsixsix614202094.3210/30/04
What type of designer handbag are you?(pictures)PPandF0559345617.552/3/05
WHATS YOUR BEAUTY PERSONALITY?wildcowgirl9058367375.277/10/04
What kind of beauty ARE YOU?WhiteWizard567283433.403/1/04
Which designer are you?Lou549647235.117/23/04
how gorgeous are you?river_forever539220092.6812/30/04
What shoe are you?stilletoebarbie49077236.2012/19/04
Whats your dressing style? [Girls only!!!]Shut Up47733565.731/10/05
what type of streotype are you (girls only)skulls46629291.771/9/05
What store should you shop at?hotpink440115892.865/21/04
are you beautiful?aThousandDarkNightsinHell43690276.0911/28/04
What Plastic Surgery will you get?HappilyEverAfterFailed42352822.411/12/05
Who is your ideal guy? (girls only)LyDz45642047796.901/12/05
How pretty are you?Luckycharms415529103/14/05
How old should you be??AC410521011.904/20/04
Are you hott? (girls only plz)art_of_blood405270606.1311/30/04
How Pretty are You?Rocksy401182473.1712/10/04
Are you anorexic?gothic_ana389115645.105/28/04
Whats you summer scene?corwyn385396048/26/04
What Coach handbag are you?steph417x336331793.111/1/05
Which of my friends do you resemble? (results with pics, some real life pics)evanescence_desire35987795.7611/17/04
What fruity flavor are you?art_of_blood35846195.6811/30/04
What disney princess are you?sexsyT355168002.8612/24/04
What type of Cosmetic are you?Jesseh the Sexeh35151135.118/18/04
Do you have an eating disorder?Poisonedxkisses7834922036.4511/24/04
Are you smokin hott? (girlz only)The Pope (Clayton)348106248.5912/31/04
What kind of girl r u?corwyn338230644.468/26/04
WHAT DO YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE? picsplayerz253381256552/14/05
What random picture in my computer are you?`lOvely3362407112/9/04
Sharon Osbourne, Britney Spears or Beyonce Knowles?I_H8_GOTHS_IM_A_CHAV336192951/7/05
what does your hair colour say abot youskulls33251612.131/10/05
What color nail polish are u?crazyanimal90232317781.771/13/05
What angel are you?corwyn31959033.268/26/04
What Stereotype Do You Fit Into?rd200331937802.1911/14/04
What Brand of Clothing are You?galiandgabby319607752/18/05
What is the best name that fit's youSINy309193100.658/22/04
What's Your Hair Color Personality?QuEeNz_CuTiE30817757.612/25/04
What piercing shood you get??godslilangelle06301251643.7311/1/04
hat french name are youunmezmorized67830064150.635/25/04
What is your personal style?sixxrocker2954647.52/27/05
Why do People Laugh at You?Sporks_are_Spiffy2948132.752/28/05
Whats your style?shadow_catcher28925544.5312/12/04
How blonde are youbsbkaoscarter802881914812/21/04
Do you know whats in fashion? Do you dress sexy?glitterz124528819957.4612/25/04
What your perfect prep outfit?shadow_catcher28735261.551/1/05
what kinda tattoo are you?girlgonnbadd2851778512/21/04
How fashionable are youbabyiverson03285370none3/14/05
Which one of my eating disorders are you?Bloody_Butterfly_Kisses28422723.2210/23/04
What is your scent? (girls only, or ghey guys. . .)takemybreathawayy28431673.912/25/04
What kind of gothic beauty are you?(pics!)Nocturnal_Virtue28424637.11/18/05
Which Kinda Gurl are You ?Icatherinethegr828342146.321/29/05
how short are ur skirts?blondeatbrians283411103/14/05
What type of makeup are you?(insertnamehere)28047957.62/21/05
Wat age should you be?PPPCTT278169941/26/05
do you qulify to become my pen palbaby_ice127418562.664/30/04
Do you know fashionjaimee110227414856.751/21/05
Would u look good w/ my unusual style?shelikesthedark27289441/19/05
Are you a demon dogman?Niantdogman27118065.173/27/04
do i think you're sexii (guys only)alexs girl27032425.805/12/04
The Best InuYasha Quizze ever!kathleen270334none3/15/05
What Prep brand are you?LyDz45626555535.7112/30/04
are you beautiful?i_want_sum25959603/6/05
what hair style are you???*mistaken*fool*25747595.721/20/05
what kind of teeth do you have?indiansleepcat25614725.331/22/05
What body piercing r u!?Cici0425226230.1412/16/04
What disney princess are you truely?unvme4imdaqt25216687.712/6/05
are you popular or not popular?rolliepollie825058816.0312/24/04
what's ur butts favorite brand?juicybabieexo249164341/27/05
What Type of Sock are you?Jesseh the Sexeh24822294.2510/30/04
what eating disorder do you have?sweetsuicide24417545.1212/3/04
What designer shoes would fit you best? (With Pics! :))lillea1824427465.182/13/05
Are you hot or not?!?KatieKat7987244424103/12/05
What's Yo Ride?Playmate131124222227.421/21/05
What type of hair style are youNeRd_4u2405986.52/27/05
if you were a celebity what couture would you be injaimee110223813629.111/20/05
should we call pam????alyson n nikkii23717441.666/30/04
What is your true color?Normality23619317.3712/21/04
hot or not?Kymber23625528.8212/29/04
What are you?Assirak23330495.308/30/04
WHAT IS YOUR STYLE? FOR GIRLSrockfan8823310187.752/21/05
What color hair should you really have?xoXdancerXox23246343/13/05
What hip hop song are you?godslilangelle0623067614.3611/2/04
how cool cat are you?.:dumbasssk8r:.22040752/15/05
Which brand are you?iiL0vEtHeg0tTiiSz219330103/12/05
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