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» Quiz: Which Harry Potter creature are you?
Which Harry Potter creature are you?
created by bllatrx

Are you an intellectual centaur or just a lazy but dangerous blast-ended skrewt? Find out, take this quiz.

1.) What is you favorite color?
neutral colors
zzz...did you say something?...zzz

2.) How would you describe yourself?
very smart, not hopeful at all though. Tend to stick to myself and my close group if similar friends, i tend to think we are supiror to everything.
very wise and a little mysteris. i always have hope and believe that anyone can have a second chance to start again.
i am very confused most of he time and tend to hurt people or things around me. i seems harmless but i'm definatly not so stay away!!
i am smart but almost too smart for my own good. people sometimes don't like how i always seem to know things they want kept secret, i'm sneaky.
i will help anyone as long as i get something out of it. i can be very sensitive and only like a few choice people.

3.) if you saw someone getting beat up by their enemy what would you do?
i would have already warned them about it because i somehow found about what the enemy was planning to do by eavsdropping. he he
i would give my friend my support and guidence, and have faith in them and their fighting skills, but they would have to fight their own battles.
um...well...arg why do they have to get in fights!? stupid friend...i guess i could get the friend to promise me their ipod or something for my help..
oh no...fight!!!!!! RUN AWAY!!! and in the meantime...sleep and hope not to be brought into it.
omg...when will my friend learn that they are to weak...stupid...exc to be fighting people?!!!! psch if they are that ignorant then they deserve it!!!

4.) If you could have any superpower what would you want it to be?
to fly of course!!!
to live forever and always have a second chance
to be able to sleep and/or be left alone whenever i wanted!!!! oh and maybe to have like built in weapons just in case people do bother me...he he
to be able to read people's minds
to know more than anyone

5.) where would be your ideal place to live?
in a tree or somewhere in the sky would be nice...maybe with someone who would be nice to me all the time.
wherever my owner lives...that is if i like them if not then...maybe in a field or on the streets of diagon ally.
in dumbeldore's office, he is very wise.
in the forbidden forest...but why am i telling you this?! now you can come and bother me and my people!...idiot human...
zzz...OH! what?! um...sorry i dozed off there, uh...i guess where i'm living now, or at least in a place where people aren't asking me stupid ?s!!!!

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