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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What Kind Of Weapon Are you?electrofreak200613168385957.0711/1/04
What self-mutilation emotion sequence are you?Emo_Death_Wish13058344116.114/9/04
How Will You Die(Brutal Pics)fidou29282666534.6612/7/04
Serial Killer Quizzen90111164716.625/17/04
Are you a member of the Trench Coat Mafia?NightmareinBlack765698467.26/20/04
What Kind of Demon are you?Suicidal Charm7219203885.968/8/04
What kind of cutter am i?Lovely_Suicide623082504.409/16/04
should you kill yourself?bloodywristcutter556081015.6311/16/04
What high school shooter are you?necro18512259334.812/20/04
How would you kill someone?One_Winged_Angel374872136.2310/30/04
Method of Suicidehavoc36391877605.7612/16/03
What kind of goth are you? (now with pics)saphrax3409162637.0612/28/04
What KInd Of Cutter Are You?psychoticparania3390166306.446/22/04
What Type Of Cutter Are You?PredictableHatred337244886.512/30/04
Are you a NECROPHILIAC, a RAPEST, or a CANNIBAL?sexylittlefreak3137369966.477/18/04
should you kill youself or continue to live your shitty lifexXxSepultraxXx285781116.438/29/04
Are you depressed? (THE BEST QUIZ)IForgot2TakeMyPsychoPills259848377.911/2/05
Do you hate your life?DarkAngel719228860126.1210/17/04
Are you obsessed with death?MorbidSuicide666228280036.084/21/04
xXxWOOD I FUK/DATE YOU???xXxRhianna-Trontequila_gurl33215031106.611/26/04
Can you be a real Vampire?Vampiress_Eto210234167.671/4/05
What is you suicide method??slipknotrox1313666197423825.1112/20/04
What rank of Vampire are you?blckdrgn01175830906.4512/31/04
Which Mass Murderer Would You Be?(NEW PICS ADDED!)hellspawn239171663244446.257/12/04
What Cutter Fits You BestSick_Freak15621163447.369/8/04
Are you truly depressed or just faking it for attention?DarkAngel719143589324.9610/17/04
How well do you handle pain?EternalConceal140648697.5212/18/04
Would You Ever Kill Someone?what_the_fcuk140559945.855/30/04
What are you....................suicidal or homicidal?whatShouldUsBe123885733.924/4/04
What Gruesome Death Are You? (contains yummy pics!)Scatterpulse1168132056.7112/29/04
What kind of cutter are you? ((with good pics))Cradle_of_filth106282876.7812/30/04
How truly depressed are you?Angels_Punishment1018547934.508/31/04
Are you really suicidal??kidviciousismyman1010278116.16/25/04
how sane are you?lilly_the_dark994394856.5612/10/03
XxXWHAT WEAPON ARE YOU?XxXRhianna-Trontequila_gurl3398112285.511/25/04
What method of suicide will i use on myself?Lovely_Suicide74421525.718/30/04
Are you really depressed? Or a poser? (Now with Pics)saphrax72771984.7511/16/04
Cause of DeathTamerlane70995514.171/6/04
Which character from a horror film are you?One_Winged_Angel70881076.1810/27/04
Does Dr. Satan live Nextdoor to YOU!?!?Sind3l68518985.379/16/04
Happy with friends but depressed once alone?satagoth68033677.591/9/05
ARE YOU THE DEVILdeath 2 all657108866.973/5/04
What kinda TATTOO should u get.. ?BloodySpike653163633.051/8/05
Are You A Serial Killer?ExiledChild0763543057.475/16/04
How evil are youSkittelz_Tha_Killa_Clown62154416.0110/7/04
will you commit suicide?(pics)lucretta61348347.781/10/05
what kind of fighter are you?runic61141215.838/24/04
Am i obsessed with Suicide?Lovely_Suicide58419014.58/29/04
How Will You Die?ExiledChild07580235245.895/19/04
Which Necro Ninja are You?Lord Chamos57736587.2711/26/03
What is the symbol of your nightmaresskulls54568805.471/9/05
:clears throat: are you ok?Daft53930223.9511/5/04
what r u going to look like when u die *pics*Aloneinhell666538146873.7811/17/04
What is your cutter tool and why?xScarredDollx52948806.8111/22/04
Freakish Cause of Deathmasterk0452550847.546/23/04
How will you die?bloodredxxx524103403.846/10/04
Natural death or suicide how will you dieDeath_Suicide52348095.986/6/04
Exquiset Forms of Painfireybliss51367857.115/10/04
What would your motives be?(as a serial killer)xXBloodXLustXx4988717.281/3/05
what are your cuts like?cutNslash497127217.9011/30/04
WHY DO YOU CUT?rejected-and-alone4941389712/24/04
Will Anyone Ever Kill you?souls of the forggoten48391284.336/13/04
vampire,goth or both?bloody_tearz479137566.557/10/04
Could You Stop Cutting??devotedlycrying46528597.0812/16/04
How crazy are you?crazy_psycho462642none1/7/05
fuck meUNDEAD23345940326.8510/29/04
Do You Have an Obsession With Death?bobby_p_2145640796.215/25/04
What kind of killer are you?Arkana45150735.612/14/04
Which Serial Killer Is Most Like You?lostprophetforsure44344125.828/26/04
When will you comit suicide?DarkAngel71943827636.3110/20/04
how f...ked up are youdragonfire66642576546.2611/9/04
Are you suicidal, or just pretending?art_of_blood42549767.6611/30/04
how will u die?sports87girl4422485none3/15/05
Which of my self mutilation scars are you?CrimsonxxFears42163235.658/30/04
Suicide, Pain or PlayInvisible40822447.6311/21/04
How will you die?Hirsty_8940459621/10/05
when the world is myne will i spare u?I_HATE_ME403462none3/14/05
Are You REALLY Depressed????GreekFireXTX395573none1/13/05
How will you die?stickdudes394157033.322/6/04
Would I date/kiss/fuck you?Wamp39274567.0811/21/04
Weapon of choicewickedraven4203917245.3312/7/04
Quirky Death, Anyone?Psycho_Penguin38718607.157/15/04
Decover you're true self.froggirl271138331577.0910/27/04
You Will Help Me Kill Myself by.....CutMyThroat4Me38257541/7/05
Would You Ever Kill Anyone?Frankenstein9381680712/20/04
Are you really Deppressed?Meaningless3796317.251/8/05
Are U Psycho?Punk *N* Goth37635891.057/13/04
Are you psychopathic?Majic_Ninja3769437.2512/23/04
How Are You Gonna Commit Suicide?grandmasinnocentbaby3691668611/16/04
What Are You?Voluptuousness36621137.2311/1/04
To Cut Or Not To CutcrimsonXtears9036570657.487/18/04
Cutter or Poser?GhoraRae36437067.921/7/05
What kind of weapon matches you?josiahcanz3597457.51/10/05
Are you a true serial killa?Skittelz_Tha_Killa_Clown357866410/3/04
Why do you cut yourself?DarkAngel71935654276.7110/24/04
Contemplating Suicide?sacred_silence3559577.4411/18/04
Are you suicidal?xXxInsaneInsidexXx3514257.53/14/05
Which murderer will mommy's little baby grow up to be?death_by_lethal_injection3508905.2511/27/04
Your weapon; what is it?Omorose33860545.915/31/04
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