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» Quiz: What Lord of the Rings character are you?
What Lord of the Rings character are you?
created by assana_almira

If you want to find out which Lord of the Rings character you are most similar too, then take my fun and quick quiz! :)

1.) What is your weapon of choice?
A sword that glows blue when orcs are close
A nice shiny dagger
Bows and arrows all the way!
The pain of a thousand deaths!!
Personally, I favor a long sword
A staff will suit me just fine
A sword I suppose . . .

2.) What is your favorite kind of place?
Somewhere . . . evil . . . MWAHAHAHA!!!
Wherever there is a garden that needs tending
I prefer the woods
The wild is where my heart lies
Wherever my true love may be
I have no favorite place, I come and go as I please!
Sitting under a tree near a small stream

3.) You are asked to take the one ring from Frodo? Do you take it?
Why would I take it from myself?
I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!
It will turn me and my powers to the dark side!
I am an elf, should I care?
Uh . . . . . . maybe if Aragorn helps me?
I can't take the ring, but you have my sword.

4.) What is your favorite food?
Oh, let's see . . . sponge cake, cheese, apples, bread, tea . . . .
The edible kind . . .
Something fancy maybe
Deer and squirrell meat
Lembas bread! You know, one small bit can fill the stomach of a grown man!
Ooohh, foood . . . .
Your mortal soul! the blood of innocents is good too if you have it!

5.) Last question, bet you were waiting for this pointless one, what is your favorite color?
Earthy tones like green
Yellows are nice . . .
Black! Black! And more black!
I am partial to browns
Grey and white
I am somewhat a fan of red and other pretty colors
Any colors that will hide me from unfriendly eyes . . .

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